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Wer kennt es nicht: Werbung gesehen - Produkt gekauft - Enttäuschung groß! Ich berichte hier über alles was das Shoppingherz einer Frau begehrt. Shopping - beauty - lifestyle... ...
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CherrySue, Doin' the Do
Lifestyle blog from a cocktail half full kinda Gal featuring beauty, nail art, movie reviews and lashings of gorgeous Giveaways. Throw in a few observations and/or feel good rambli ...
Blogs Visitors Today: 9 This Week : 115 Out Overall: 92
Die kluge Hausfrau
Was macht eine gute Hausfrau aus? Sie ist nicht perfekt, aber vielseitig und flexibel. Sie weiß sich zu helfen und kann organisieren. Die Hausfrau an sich hat oft einen oder mehre ...
Blogs Visitors Today: 18 This Week : 107 Out Overall: 54
Fräulein ungeschminkt
Es geht um viele verschiedene Themen auf 'Fräulein ungeschminkt', allen voran aber um dekorative Kosmetik und Pflege. Reviews, Looks und Tipps gibt es regelmäßig zu lesen, denn ...
Blogs Visitors Today: 13 This Week : 82 Out Overall: 388
kleines Schmuckstück
kleinesSchmuckstück - Beauty, Rezepte & vieles mehr! Themen rund um Beauty und Lifestylestehen hier im Vordergrund. Aber auch zahlreiche Rezepte finden sich hier wieder. ...
Blogs Visitors Today: 6 This Week : 66 Out Overall: 17
'Nandini Speaks' is the Official Blog of author and musician Nandini Deka! Nandini writes on love, poetry, music, fiction, non fiction, reviews etc Follow 'Nandini Speaks' to know ...
Blogs Visitors Today: 1 This Week : 35 Out Overall: 16
Sweet Minds
"Sweet Minds" is a little Austrian blog about make up (nail polish, lipsticks), coloured contact lenses and other helpful things. Here you can find product tests and reviews. ...
Blogs Visitors Today: 7 This Week : 32 Out Overall: 18
The Jagged Barn
Blogs stuff that gets the attention of a jagged Filipina. It may be fashion, food, travel, adventure, hobby, book, movie, song, theater play, television show. Anything and everythi ...
Blogs Visitors Today: 4 This Week : 28 Out Overall: 15
Beauty Kamee - Beauty Blog
Seid gegrüßt! Ich, eine kleine Gothic-Bloggerin, blogge hauptsächlich über Kosmetik. Ich habe einen Fimmel über bunte Haare, Nagellack, Lidschatten, Tattoos und Piercings. ...
Blogs Visitors Today: 1 This Week : 27 Out Overall: 19
Alles was ihr sucht findet ihr bei mir
Blog - Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Review und Preview, Food and More. Auch meinem Blog findet ihr alltäglichen Suchtprodukten einer Frau. Fall ihr das alles sucht, seit ihr genau ...
Blogs Visitors Today: 1 This Week : 19 Out Overall: 19
Confessions of a Beautyholic
Everyone has something to admit. As well has Beautyholic. The anonymos German Beauty-Blog "Confessions of a Beautyholic" is dealing with cosmetics and all about Beauty. ...
Blogs Visitors Today: 1 This Week : 19 Out Overall: 8
This blog is about women's journey. It is about love, regardless of the gender. It is about loving the person first. It is about freedom to love. It is about women. ...
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Gadget Mum
Gadget Mum is about making life easier one gadget at a time, whether technology-based or things around the house, Gadget mum will use, review, test or discard as well as blog about ...
Blogs Visitors Today: 1 This Week : 10 Out Overall: 27
Busy & Living Pretty
Here you will find all sorts of articles, graphics, advice, reviews, and much more - all to get you through your hectic daily lives. We are dedicated to all of you women out there ...
Blogs Visitors Today: 1 This Week : 9 Out Overall: 32
a blog that you take care of yourself to 360 ° , with reviews and insights on topics ranging from beauty supply organic and vegan , diet supplements more effective ...
Blogs Visitors Today: 2 This Week : 9 Out Overall: 5
;Das denke ich...Elwira Szyca
Manchmal Persönlich, Manchmal Unterhaltsam, Manchmal Politisch, Manchmal Verärgert, Manchmal Kritisch, Manchmal Grotesk; Das ist mein Blog. ...
Blogs Visitors Today: 1 This Week : 7 Out Overall: 11
Ein Blog über Beauty, Fashion, kochen, backen, Kinder, DIY, Produkttests und vieles mehr. Ich mag alles was schön und praktisch ist. Meine größte Leidenschaft sind meine Söhne ...
Blogs Visitors Today: 1 This Week : 7 Out Overall: 13
Marion Hair Makeup
Blog about makeup, beauty, product reviews and previews. Also i show makeup looks, eye of the day and post about my job as a hair & makeup artist like backstage shoots. ...
Blogs Visitors Today: 1 This Week : 7 Out Overall: 6
The Beauty
This is a blog about natural and organic beauty, fashion and everything else that adds a bit of fun to life. It should be easy to keep the glamor and beauty in life and still be su ...
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blog dealing sweaters handmade, embroidery, wool crochet http://www ...
Blogs Visitors Today: 1 This Week : 6 Out Overall: 8