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Marriage represents a sacred union between two people, but unfortunately, powerful forces like the passage of time and lack of communication can gradually destroy that union. Even though your love and affection for the partner at the beginning seems infinite and indestructible, you have to be aware that at some point in the future, things might take a different turn and you might find yourself in the situation of going through an unwanted and unplanned divorce. For this reason, noticing the signs and reducing the possibility of such a sorrowful event is very important. You must be willing to do anything possible in order to maintain a healthy balance between closeness and privacy, togetherness and individuality, work and personal life, mutual and individual needs, interests and desires. The list can go on but you understand the main idea. The bright side is that each problem has a solution meaning that you can use various methods to prevent ending up in the category of people who lost hope in terms of successful relationships.

Do not follow the wrong path

Drifting away from your partner years after making the big step is quite normal. People strive to reclaim their individuality and there is nothing wrong about that but usually they are doing it wrong and their actions have negative and even disastrous consequences on their marriage. If you recognize yourself among these people, then you should know that instead of trying to escape from the relationship by highlighting the flaws of your partner or setting your expectations unrealistically high is not the solution. Moreover, it will only worsen the problem because your partner will not understand you or know how to react. Instead of finding excuses to break the connection between you and your other half, you should remember the reason why you said “Yes” in front of the altar in the first place.  

Be open to unconventional solutions

Communicate with your partner, join forces and share ideas that could save your marriage. Nothing seems too much when you have such an important goal, you could even take into consideration the concept of open marriage for a certain period. This will help you enjoy a much-needed freedom and regain your individuality. Indeed, the idea of you meeting other people might be scary and almost impossible to accept for your partner. However, even specialists admit the benefits of having an open relationship and the most important of them is that it represents a major step that will impede you from signing the even scarier divorce papers.

Express your concerns and make decisions together

Sometimes, you and your partner will have to engage in sensitive and uncomfortable conversations. You may feel reluctant in the moment to start a sensitive topic, but you have to keep in mind that in the end, it will be worth it because your partner will be able to understand the red flags or hints that you are trying to express and together you could make the best decision for both. Communication and cooperation are important factors that strengthen your marriage.


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