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Many women are not aware of the fact that some of the problems they are dealing with a quite common and through physiotherapy practice in Ottawa they can solve them. The initial consult from a professional physiotherapist will offer you more details about the course of treatment you need to follow and how many sessions should you expect to undertake. The treatment might include manual techniques to reduce pain, bladder re-training, kegel exercises, stretching as well as stress management and lifestyle changes. These are some of the most common conditions many women have to deal with on a daily basis:


Urinary Incontinence

While there are many types, the most common one is the stress incontinence (SUI) that involves an involuntary small loss of urine when the intra-abdominal pressure increases (during coughing, sneezing, exercising, laughing, lifting and similar activities). This condition indicates a muscle weakness or tightness, both of which can be treated through physiotherapy. Another type of incontinence is the Overactive Bladder which is most of the times caused by bladder muscles instability or weak pelvic floor muscles. During physiotherapy sessions you can learn how to control the urge of going to the bathroom right away and prevent the losses of urine.



When an organ is protruding into the vaginal wall, there are several strategies that can be adopted during physiotherapy in order to improve the situation. The treatment can include pelvic floor exercises, postural correction, toileting positions and other measures. When you have a professional therapist at your side to guide you throughout the exercises you need to make in order to improve your condition, you can be sure that you will notice some improvements in the near future.



Those who often get constipated out of nothing should consult a professional, because their problem might have a solution at a physio clinic. While it might be difficult to think that a few exercises could solve your problems, give it a chance because you will be happy you did.



This is a spasm of the vaginal wall that makes it very difficult to insert a tampon or to have intercourse. There are many exercises performed during physiotherapy that can relax the vaginal wall and ease the pain and discomfort.


There are many conditions that can be successfully treated through physiotherapy, so no matter how embarrassed you might feel, you should always take your time to visit a specialist, because this is how you can get better.


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