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Although it has been around for decades, mineral makeup has not been as popular as it is today. Primarily used as a foundation, this type of touching-up can now be found in the form of blush and eyeshadow formulas as well. Even dermatologists recommend mineral makeup in the detriment of others because it is totally free of chemicals, meaning that you will not have skin irritations. But are these the only benefits of mineral makeup products? Of course not. There are many reasons why you should definitely try mineral makeup, one of them being that they improve the appearance of your complexion. For a flawless complexion, visit myskinspa.com.au see what the specialists can do for you.

What is mineral makeup and how is it different

Mineral makeup is different from regular makeup in terms of ingredients used. While traditional makeup implies using parabens and chemical dyes, or even fragrances, mineral makeup does not. On the contrary, this makeup is made of iron oxides, zinc oxide and talc that is divided into tiny particles. The result is usually a powder that is used to create the look. Mineral products have been more and more demanded over the years, the result being that now customers can enjoy using natural products that contain little to less artificial ingredients.

Does the choice of ingredients matter?

Taking into consideration that mineral cosmetics are made from ingredients which are derived from the Earth’s resources, it certainly does when it comes to the skin. Mineral makeup contains fewer ingredients, reason why it is suitable for persons who have sensitive skin. Not only do they avoid irritating their skin, but they actually sooth it. The explanation lies in the fact that mineral foundation moisturizes the skin. But is this all? No. The makeup helps you achieve the look that you want in a natural way. The products are so safe that some surgeons even let patients put on makeup following surgery.

Helps you fight skin issues

Inorganic minerals are very good for the skin because they do not contain oils, meaning they do not favour the growth of bacteria. Therefore, mineral makeup products are nothing but good for people who have acne-prone skin. You can try dozens of foundations, but none are as effective. Besides being oil-free, the powder does not clog your pores. And this is not all. Inorganic ingredients offer you protection against the sun, the mineral particles fight UV sun rays in the same way a sunscreen would. Why not keep your skin looking and feeling great for years.


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