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Why get laser hair removal now

September - 11 - 2015

Women usually spend so many hours trying to remove unwanted hair from their bodies to the point that it becomes almost a lingering task. Even though there are many methods for having smooth and sexy legs such as shaving and waxing, they are not a long-term solution because it immediately grows back and women are often confronted with unappealing bumps and ingrown hairs. One way of eliminating these problems is laser hair removal Brisbane, a method that is becoming more and more popular because of its lasting results. In other words, you can permanently get rid of all that fuzz in an instant. If you are not convinced that laser removal is the winner, keep reading this article.

How does it work?

Laser hair removal involves exposure to laser light that destroys the follicle. More precisely, the beam of light targets the follicle and the pigment absorbs it. As a result, the light destroys the blood supply to the follicle and damages it to the point that it does not grow back in the immediate future. To obtain an optimal effect, the tissue is targeted with a specific wavelength of light and pulse duration. During the procedure, persons can experience a slight degree of pain that feels like a little pinch. Depending on the each person, the laser treatment can last up to several years or just a couple of months. Any laser treatment require a pre-treatment consultation in which you will be asked questions about your health and you are subjected to a couple of tests to determine the skin colour and hair type.

Better than waxing and shaving

The main disadvantage of wax is that it requires a little bit of regrowth in order to obtain maximum results. In addition, waxing can be extremely painful for persons that are more sensitive, not to mention the fact that you do not get rid of the problem of ingrown hairs. On the other hand, with shaving regrowth happens even more faster and the strands can come out thicker. Besides this, you are frequently in danger of cutting yourself. Depilatory creams are not good either because they irritate the skin and have a strong odour.

Main benefits

The first benefit of laser removal is the precision. During the process, the laser targets specific areas on the skin and this is the reason why the laser does not burn the surrounding areas of the skin. Owing to the fact that the procedure is so precise, it does not take more than 20 minutes to perform it, not to mention that you will no longer have to shave daily. The fact that laser hair removal is long lasting is not a speculation, but rather a fact because the FDA approves this method and the procedure is considered a medical one. Even though some might argue the exact opposite, the treatment is not effective unless it is performed during the early stage of growth. This is the reason why you may be required to undertake a series of treatments. If the hair does grow back, then it is lighter in colour and feeling.

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