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Pregnancy is a very special period of time in a woman’s life, not just because of its symbolism, but also because of all the changes and processes it involves. Both the beautiful and the ugly aspects of pregnancy have long been debated and discusses and there is plenty of information available on the stages of pregnancy, so women know exactly what they should expect from these 9 months. However, reading about it and actually experiencing something are two very different things, so when those back pains or sleepless nights hit, it is still a very difficult time for women. This causes stress and plenty of discomfort and massages have proven to be a great way to relieve the stress and alleviate many pregnancy related discomforts. To that extent, if you are going through this great change in your life, then be sure to look for a pregnancy massage Melbourne therapist in order to enjoy the multiple benefits of massage therapy.

However, before even thinking about making an appointment for such a massage, you need to do your research and know what a pregnancy massage is and what it involves, so that you know what to expect. Firstly, it’s wise to acknowledge that not all certified massage therapists are also certified to do pregnancy massages, so you need to look for and find one who is. As there are many types of massages, the ones that you undergo during your pregnancy months can also take various forms, depending on your body, your physical condition and the development of your pregnancy. Some women prefer light massages, while others take on full body Swedish massages while they are pregnant without any risk whatsoever for their bun. Some pregnancy massage Melbourne specialists also recommend other massage works, such as reflexology, circulatory work and even cranial sacral therapy. In addition, it is wise to work with specialised therapists because they have had proper training and know what is safe for the mother and the baby and what not, such as for instance the different proper positioning during the pregnancy months.


As mentioned above, there are many benefits to getting a pregnancy massage in Melbourne, from reduction of swelling in feet and ankles and hands to alleviating sciatic pain and helping mothers relax more, which has a great affect on insomnia. Other advantages you should expect to experience include lower muscular discomforts in crucial areas like neck and lower back or calf cramps, reduction of tension throughout the body, toning of lose muscles and increased flexibility, increased blood flow, which leads to the elimination of toxins and increased oxygen levels in the blood, which energizes the body.  Massages during pregnancy have also proven to strengthen the immune system and they stimulate the release of endorphins as well, which are known to be natural painkillers. Last, but not least, massages relieve anxiety and depression, which have high probability of occurrence during pregnancy.

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