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Technology has evolved a lot, and this has brought multiple improvements in many industries and businesses, and the beauty salon industry is no exception. Salon owners have to use the latest tools and the most performing systems in order to attract and engage their clients, if they want to be successful. Fortunately, there are plenty of automated pieces of software that one can use, in order to manage and to better track their business. In terms of beauty salons, the most efficient seems to be salon scheduling applications, and one of the best is MyCuts. This software has appeared after the continuous struggle of salon owners, how they claimed that they have no suitable tool to help them with the bookings, appointments and other resources. There are some small applications out there, but none of them are efficient for independent stylists or average sized establishments. In case you do not understand what such a piece of software does or how it works, you should continue reading, to find out its main features:

It manages the appointments more efficiently

This is the most important function of the application, hence its name. You may think that the bookings can be easily done with a pen and an agenda, but an automated system will make everything much simpler. No more words crossed, no more notes over notes, or missed cancellations – scheduling has never been easier. In addition to this, you can make adjustments every time it is necessary: as soon as an appointment is cancelled, the room remains available and the next one can be placed instead. As you can see, the application reduces the probability of errors, double appointments and free time during the working program. This way, the employers can do their job full time, which is taking care of as many clients as possible. There is no need for additional efforts, because the software does everything automatically.


It creates a complex database of clients

The app has a client database, consisting all the relevant information about each individual. You will know their contact details (email, phone number, and address), occupation, preferences and previous services requested. This will not only help you engage the client, but also increase customer services. Furthermore, before each appointment, the application sends reminders to the person scheduled, to avoid late hour cancellations and enhance customer service. The reminders will prove to people that you care about their time and you are a true professional who can deliver great results.


The software can manage supplies and resources

The application has a system that can manage the resources and supplies, so that you will know when you are running out of stuff. You can just introduce the data, make automatic updates each time you consume certain supplies, and the software will let you know when it is time to stock up the salon again. This way, you can avoid embarrassing situations and offer clients the best services.

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