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Weddings are very fun for those who attend them, but when it comes to organizing one, the struggle is real. Not only there are plenty of guests to please things to buy and decisions to make, that everybody would feel overwhelmed. The venue is the main element as far as organizing an event is concerned, and for the bride, the dress and flowers also have a vital importance. Taking the final decision is very difficult, because all the elements should match and be on the same page: the theme of the wedding must be reflected in all details: colours, flowers, table setting and so on. Decorations should be suitable to the grooms’ style and personalities, but normally, the bride is the one who has the final say. There are a lot of specialized people who can help you with the organization, and also plenty of material suppliers, who can provide you the most innovative products. Ribbon, for example, is a must-have in terms of material used. The Ribbon Room printed ribbons can be the best choice, if you want to create a romantic and delicate decor.

The fabric comes in all sized, dimensions, textures or colours, so you will for sure find something to match your taste and not shrink your budget. Whether you choose the classic satin ribbon, or elegant organza material, the prices are affordable and the utilities are multiple: the bridal bouquet, the table setting, the chairs and even the bar will look very good adorned with ribbon. With a little creativity, you can achieve almost anything, so let your imagination fly, and create the most innovative decorations for a classy and original aspect. If you are not into the crafting thing, or you think you will not have enough time when the big event gets closer, you can hire and collaborate with a professional decorator or manufacturer. There are many ways in which ribbon can be used to adorn a venue, especially since we are speaking about a wedding. For a romantic touch, you can create small bows out of ribbon, and apply them on the cutlery and napkins, while huge organza ribbon will look amazing on the back of the seats.


If the venue you chose is a garden, you can try to use ribbon to decorate the trees or plants, and also the table legs. For a more extravagant event, you can also choose unusual decorations, such as a gazebo or an arcade, which can be easily adorned with flowers and ribbon. In addition to this, flowers are an extremely important element for any wedding, almost as important as the attire of the grooms. They must be chosen with attention, and match the clothes and venue, not only in terms of colour palette but also in terms of style. If you have a calm personality, you can choose pastel shades, while for those who are a bit more courageous, strong colours such as purple or red are recommended. Add discrete details to the bouquets and ornaments, and the results are granted.

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