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Those who have ever had to deal with sun or age spots and other such skin problems that cannot simply be removed through exfoliation or other skin products are probably familiar with the concept of photo rejuvenation. Any Brisbane laser clinic offers this treatment to those who want to improve their look and remove various skin imperfections they have been dealing with.

What is this treatment used for?

As mentioned above, the most common reasons why people choose to undergo this treatment is to remove various sun and age spots and even freckles from their face, back, chest, hands and any other area on your body. Photo rejuvenation can reduce rosacea, redness, broken blood vessels on the face and chest as well as improve the texture of your skin through collagen stimulation.


How many treatment sessions do you need to remove spots?

The light waves emitted by the laser target the melanin and hemoglobin in the skin and fragment them, therefore removing them from the skin. In most cases, people need between 3 and 5 sessions, with 1 month between them to remove their problems. There might be cases in which the treatment requires one or more extra sessions, but you can expect to see improvements over time.


Does it hurt?

Even though there can be some discomfort during IPL photofacial treatments, most patients do not have any problems in tolerating it. Usually the first treatment is the one that causes the most discomfort, but after that, it becomes easier with every session. After the treatment the skin can look a little red, especially after vein treatment. In the case of freckles they can actually look darker at the beginning, but after about one month, the skin will begin to clear and it will look much better.


How long do the results last?

The results mainly depend on every patient and how they choose to take care of their skin afterwards. Those who continue to expose themselves to the sun, without wearing protection, will face the same problems they did before. However, with proper solar protection, the results will last for a long time and the skin can maintain its beautiful look.


This is what you should know about photo rejuvenation treatments before deciding if you want to undergo such an experience. These treatments are very modern and offer people the chance to get rid of many of the problems they have been trying to hide for a very long time.

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