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Tricks for Healthy Skin

November - 18 - 2011

Everybody wants a healthy and good-looking skin, but what can be done in order to achieve that? Below you can find out some useful tricks for healthy skin, all you have to do is follow them and enjoy the results!

  • Avoid Hot Showers

The way you shower is very important for a healthy skin. Hot water removes the protective oils of the skin, so try to avoid long, hot showers. Instead, opt for cooler showers and limit them to 10 minutes.

  • Keep the Dryness under Control

When you have dry skin, it is extremely important to hydrate and cleanse it properly. Dry skin is not healthy, so moisturize it whenever necessary, especially during wintertime. Don`t forget to exfoliate your skin in order to remove dead skin cells.

There are all kinds of moisturizing and hydrating creams, so choose the ones the most suitable for your skin type. In case you have extra dry skin, it is advisable to use a facial moisturizing mask every two weeks, but also aloe vera gels.

An extra trick for healthy skin is running a humidifier every night in your bedroom. This way, the air will be moisturized, and your skin, too.

  • Tone your Skin

A great combination for toning is a combination of sage, peppermint and witch hazel. Sage controls oil, peppermint provides a cool tingle and witch hazel restores the protective layer of the skin. All you have to do is mix 4 ounces of witch hazel with one teaspoon each of sage and peppermint leaves. Leave for three days, then apply on your skin.

  • Use Unscented Baby Powder

There are some areas, such as the inner thighs or underarms, where the growth of bacteria or fungi is sustained by the continuous moisture conditions. For these areas where skin meets skin, the best solution to prevent skin issues is using unscented baby powder.

  • Exercise

Sweating makes your body eliminate toxins, therefore your skin is also healthier. If you have a sedentary life you might want to check out some fitness tips. This is a great way to stay healthy and as you probably know the skin is one of the main indicators of a person’s health. In addition, regular exercise brings a lot of benefits to your skin, as you will have a better circulation and blood flow throughout the body.

  • Use Solar Protection

UVA and UVB rays destroy skin cells and contribute to skin aging, so wear sunscreen whenever required.

  • Use Healthy Skin Products

When buying a cream, you should take a careful look at the ingredients. Good creams comprise glycerin, propylene glycol, urea, alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), vitamin C, and natural ingredients. The most important tip for buying skin products is to read reviews instead of trusting advertisements. This applies particularly when looking for less than ordinary skin treatments such as skin tag removal or skin lightening. In these cases, it is also advised to postpone surgical producers until all other methods have failed as surgeries come with certain risks. For example, before burning or having your skin tags cut, you should consider a good skin tag removal cream.

  • Avoid Skin Destroyers

Among the most common skin destroyers, there are tanning salons, sunbathing, smoking, drinking, and drugs. These are simple rules that you should follow in order to have a beautiful skin. You may have noticed that aside from beauty routines, the rules also suggest a healthy lifestyle. Fitness tips can help you sweat toxins and also burn fat and a healthy diet can make your skin glow. True beauty comes from within as it is a reflection of a healthy body.

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