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When you are going to be a bride, you want to feel the most important person in your wedding day, and take care to carefully plan everything with at least a couple of months ahead the big event. You pay a lot of attention to details, and you buy the dress you dreamt of, but you are aware that you will not be the only bride who will wear this model, because stores do not provide unique models. In this situation, you have two options either to pay a lot of money and to ask a tailor make one especially for you or to accessorise it with sash for wedding dress, and transform it into a unique one. Here you will find some amazing tips on how you can select ribbon sashes to customise your wedding dress.

Choose the colour of the ribbon

Before purchasing ribbon for your wedding dress, you should look online to see what options you have, because you might not even think that a red ribbon is the right one until you see a bride wearing it. The majority of brides to be choose ribbon sashes in nude tones for their wedding dresses, because they consider that only these ones are suitable for such an event, but you should know that also coloured ones, are great looking, and make everyone admire your dress. Therefore, you can choose a ribbon in the colour of your wedding bouquet, and add a pop of colour to the dress. For a modern look, you can choose a silver ribbon, because it adds a touch of elegance to dresses.

Decide upon the size

The simplest way to customise your wedding dress is to tie on its waist a ribbon sash. However, in this situation, you have to consider the model of the dress, because if it is a princess type one, you have to choose a smaller one, to not overwhelm its look, but if you go with a mermaid dress you should choose a larger sash. In addition, you have the possibility to simple sew the ribbon on the dress, like a belt, or to create a model from it. You can tie it on the waist and let it loose on the back or on the front of the dress. In case you want to transform it into a bold accessory, you can create a big ribbon bow on the back of the dress, which will instantly impress everyone looks at you.

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