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Do you have great ambitions for an online clothing empire? Well you have picked a perfect time for stepping on to this exciting retail stage as more and more fashion fans choose to shop online.

Doubts over quality and fit have long been forgotten now that online fashion retailers have worked out how to deliver service that keeps customers smiling. With easy and cheap returns possible, there is no longer any risk attached to buying clothes online – when it doesn’t fit, or it just doesn’t meet expectations in any other way, just send it back, no questions asked.

Name check

When setting up a clothing shop online it is important to realise that you are one in a million. Clothes are one of the most popular items bought online. This means standing out from the crowd is key to your success. Choosing a name that is unique and reflects your brand image is very important. Whatever style of sartorial loveliness you are selling, try to set yourself apart. When you have ideas for names, do some market research among friends and associates to identify those that resonate with your target audience. Once you have decided upon a suitable moniker, register a domain name before it gets snapped up by anybody else.

Set yourself apart

Identify your unique selling point, whether it’s an original style, high design credentials or sassy streetwear – push the personality of your clothes to the limit. Seek out suppliers of clothing that leads the way, buying fashion clothing wholesale from niche and lesser known suppliers is a great way of creating an online offering that is both fresh and edgy.

Smart pricing

Setting the correct prices for your goods is vital to online success. In a marketplace where the next great deal is only a click away, attractive pricing wins. One of the best ways to maximise pricing flexibility is in buying fashion clothing wholesale. With wholesale deals you really open up a world of pricing elasticity, allowing you to set your prices to reflect changing market conditions. Check out the competition and gauge where they are at. Are they offering deals? Can you beat them? See what is popular and try and work out how you could translate this to your site. At all times, keep your eyes open – the online clothing market place is an ever-changing, innovative environment where survival of the fittest and fastest is the order of the day.

Tech tricks

The tech side is very important in any online business. A smooth and easy to use customer interface will keep clothes buyers coming back for more. Positive user experience is key and time spent working on this aspect is well rewarded. Research the right online shop model for your needs – there are many themes and templates available that you can customise to your needs. Well designed retail sites allow you to accept orders and track inventory simply and easily.

Establish great customer contact links so that clients can easily communicate with you. Either with basic customer service emails or more extensive live chat, the more customer care that is in evidence, the higher the level of reassurance you give prospective customers. By shopping online, you are still demanding your customers take a certain leap of faith, so make life easier with a solid and trustworthy looking site.

Sharp shipping

Research shipping services and their costs – you need to decide upon a shipping provider that is reliable and economical. Look into the costs of printing labels (thermal printers are much cheaper – they don’t use ink) and tamper proof and water resistant envelopes/packets. You may want to invest in specially designed packaging that reflects your brand – if so hunt on the internet and compare prices for the many companies providing such services.

Social media marvel

Work hard on your social media marketing so that it drives traffic to your online shop. Using tried and tested methods such as coupon codes, exclusive deals and money off specials will work magic with your units shifted. As well as the more established Facebook and Twitter promotions, don’t neglect aspirational social media portals such as Pinterest and Instagram which are all about the visuals – with well photographed products you can pull people to your online site and get them flexing their plastic.

When you get it right, setting up an online clothing store is an exciting and rewarding adventure. If you have a passion for fashion, why not see where your style-savvy and entrepreneurial energy can take you?

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