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Buying a gift for a man is a lot more challenging than buying a gift for a woman. The most common mistake that most women make when choosing a gift for a man is to consider the gift from their own perspective and not the man’s perspective. Ladies, we have some news for you: a man will never enjoy a gift unless it has a clear purpose that he can make good use of. Furthermore, most men aren’t very happy when they receive clothes either since most mens fashion wear lacks versatility and it is important to understand the exact taste of a man in order to get them a piece of clothing that they would actually wear. If you have no idea of what your special man might need at the moment, you can buy him something that all men need: an electric shaver. Even if he already has an electric shaver, he will need a new one at one point or another. However, sending a woman to buy an electric shaver is like sending a man to buy beauty products. Shopping for the best electric shavers for women and finding the best shavers for men are two different things as men and women have different needs and expectations. Therefore, today, we will provide you with a few guidelines, in order to help you find the best electric shaver. We guarantee that such a gift will be appreciated by all men. Therefore, whether you are about to attend your father’s birthday or your boyfriend’s birthday, you will definitely receive some good points if you show up with an electric shaver.

Types of electric shavers and main features

Unlike the best electric shavers for women, electric shavers for men are designed according to the individual needs of several types of men. There are two main types of electric shavers: foil shavers and rotary shavers. Rotary shavers work in a circular motion. They are best for cutting thick and long hairs. They are ideal for men who shave once a week or once very few days. Foil shavers have a linear cutting motion. They are great for cutting short and fine hair. Therefore, foil shavers are recommended for men who shave on a daily basis or once every couple of days. If you plan on buying an electric shaver for your special man, you must first decide between a foil shaver and an electric shaver. Once you decide what type of shaver you should buy, you must research several models in order to analyze their features. According to most electric shavers reviews, a lot of men prefer models with innovative technologies that can lift flat hairs. Other interesting features that can increase the value of an electric shaver are self-cleaners, cooling technology, pulsating systems and so on. Basically, the purpose of the latest technologies in the electric razor market is not only to improve the shaving performance, but also to deliver a comfortable shaving experience by reducing irritation and burning sensations.

The best electric shaver reviews

If you are having a hard time navigating through countless electric shavers reviews, we can save you a lot of trouble. It can be difficult to pinpoint mens best electric shaver out of the multitude of models, but you can find tops with the best products, or use the following top we have created for you. After some extensive research, we have gathered the top three best electric shavers on the market. All you have to do is pick one of the models featured below. Our first choice is Panasonic ES-LV61-A Men’s 5-Blade Wet/Dry Rechargeable Electric Shaver which can be acquired for $229.99. This shaver features a great 5 blade cutting system and a face hugging pivoting head. Our next choice is Philips Norelco 1280X/47 SensoTouch 3d Electric Shaver which can be acquired for$239.99. The most interesting feature of this shaver is the jet cleaning system which most men will find to be very convenient. Last but not least, the Panasonic ES-LV61-A Men’s 5-Blade Wet/Dry Rechargeable Electric Shaver is also an excellent choice. This shaver has lift tech foil and a face hugging, multi-flex, pivoting head.

As you can see, buying an electric shaver can be quite challenging. However, if you choose such a gift, you will at least have the certainty that the man in question will actually enjoy and make good use of your gift. You can not say the same about mens fashion wear gifts.

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