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Good marketing has been proven to be the key to success in any business, regardless its dimensions and field of activity. Advertising helps you build a strong brand on the dedicated market and this will transform any company into a first choice partner for customers. There are a lot of strategies and methods through which you can advertise something and the most efficient vary from online promo to employing specialised staff. For this reason, there are plenty of companies which choose to try this form of advertising and hire promotional staff. These people can talk directly to potential clients and convince them to try a new product or service, and it has been proven that human interaction is way more efficient than posters, banners or TV commercials. However, not everyone can become a member of a promo team, because these people are handpicked by the best marketers and need to fulfil certain criteria. Here are some facts that few people know about brand ambassadors:

Looks matter – a lot

Taking into consideration that promoters will enter into contact with a lot of people who will associate the brand with the person, they really have to look neat. This means that they have to have a pleasant face, nice physic and also impeccable clothes. This may sound superficial, but it is the truth: in the promo business, looks matter and no company will hire personnel for their technical abilities. It may sound surprising to discover that some people are denied the job because of how they look, but this is true. Promo staff will instantly become the image of the brand they are advertising, a group of brand ambassadors who are responsible to show clients only the best about a certain business.


Each promoter needs to have certain competencies

Besides being good looking, promoters also need to have additional competences and skills. They are not models or mannequins, they are actual people who have to talk to clients and answer their questions, so if besides being pretty they are also smart, this is a great plus. Communication skills and sales abilities are quite important, if you take into consideration that the crew needs to advertise a product or service – this basically means selling the brand to as many people as possible. What is more, communication, flexibility and friendliness are also required – in the advertising industry, promoters will have to deal with all sorts of individuals, so they need to know how to handle the situation.


The staff is prepared before each event

Flexibility is useful not only as far as clients are concerned, but also in terms of information intake. As a member of a promotional team, you will have to talk about products and services that you have heard about. Fortunately, most companies provide specialised training sessions after they hire staff, to make sure these understand what they are going to advertise. This helps the crew get relevant information which will enable them to answer clients’ questions.

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