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The Philippines is an archipelago in the Southeast Asia, located North of Malaysia and East of Vietnam. As a foreigner, and especially a woman, you might be afraid travelling here, because you might have heard of the radical groups that created different issues to travelers. But you should not have the misconception that it is not safe to travel to the Philippines, because this is a false assumption. If you are doing some research, you will find that Mindanao and Davao are well known as towns with low crime rate, so if you want to travel in this region, you will be safe, even if you travel alone. These cities are considered the safest ones from Asia, so as a woman you will have no issues while being there. If you want to plan your vacation here, you should check a website like 10bestph.com, because it shares valuable information.

How a woman should dress when visiting the Philippines?

Because you are travelling to an Asian state, you might not know what code dress is required. As a general rule, while being there you can show off either your lower half or your upper half. But it is recommended to cover you top half, because like all the other women from Asia, the Pilipino women do not show their cleave. You will notice that women in the cities wear dresses and heels, but as a tourist is not recommended wearing heels, because the sidewalks are not in the greatest state.

What women should know about public transport?

 When arriving there you will notice that, they are using Jeepneys for public transport, which is a combination between a bus and a pickup truck, so the majority of people experience carsickness when travelling for the first time. Local women advise tourists to be accompanied by a local friend when they are using this mean of transportation, and it is not recommended to take them at night. Therefore, if you want to try one of the restaurants you find on busogan.com, at night, you should try one of the women-only cars. If you want to visit the country, then you should rent a motorbike, because public transportation is pretty poor in this state. Also, you can travel by taxi, but you should know that the prices can be negotiated, so you should talk with the driver from the beginning.

Is it safe to travel to the Philippines as a woman?

You should expect people to stare at you when travelling there, because you are looking different from the locals. So if you have an issues with people staring at you, you might find this aspect creepy and you might feel anxious. However, you should not be afraid because there are very few cases of harassment, and you will probably not even hear someone teasing you. You should keep safe your pocket when you are traveling in jeepneys, because in a crowded space, you might be the target of pickpocketing. But this is an aspect meet in many tourist destinations, so you should not consider it specific to the Philippines.


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