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Encompassing a wide variety of meanings and enchanting through their vivid colors and fascinating contours, flowers are undoubtedly girls’ top choice in terms of tattoo designs. Flower tattoos date back a long time ago and they borrow symbolical meanings from each different civilization, tradition and culture they can be found in. Therefore, Easterners favor water lily and lotus flower tattoos, while rose tattoos are mostly predominant in Western culture.

For thousands of years, flowers have been associated with the direct expression of nature, and are often used to symbolize the cycles of birth and life, procreation, death and rebirth. While flower symbolism varies greatly in different parts of the world, the abundance of colors characteristic to flowers are part of a more generic code, which includes universally accepted meanings; for instance, white is mainly associated with purity, while red is the color of passion and love.

Many claim that flower tattoos are inspirational, spiritual representations that can store protective powers, and regard them as talismans of good-fortune. Flower tattoos are used to express the idea of grace, sensuality, nobility, serenity, innocence, chastity or shyness. Some of the most popular flower tattoo designs incorporate representations of the rose, hibiscus (or Hawaiian flower), acacia, tulip, iris, lotus or violet.

The rose in flower tattoo designs can signify different things, especially depending on the color chosen: white roses are associated with the concept of peace, tranquility, simplicity and purity; pink roses can represent concealed, unspoken love; yellow roses suggest fading love or jealousy; red roses are a very popular symbol for romantic love and passion. 

Hibiscus flower tattoos draw their origins from the picturesque island of Hawaii, but have rapidly become a popular tattoo choice among people all over the world. Hibiscus tattoos (also referred to as Hawaiian flower tattoos to mark their origins) are predominantly but not exclusively adopted by women and are used as the symbol for delicacy and fragile beauty. Hawaiian flower tattoos can be depicted in combination with other flowers, fairies, the inscription of one’s name, a portrait, etc.

Acacia flower tattoos are chosen to signify chaste love and friendship, while tulips are used to express fame or even passionate love, along with roses. Tattoos depicting the image of an iris can lead to the ideas of faith, profoundness and virtue, while the lotus is given more of a mystical aura, as it is associated with Chinese and Indian myths that speak about the rise of Buddha from the essence of a lotus blossom.

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