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Hair extensions are among the most sought after beauty products, as an increasing number of women and young girls are going crazy for long hair. Of course, there is always the option of allowing your hair to grow long, but that takes a lot of time and serious maintenance, while virgin hair extensions represent a quick solution. The term “virgin” comes from the fact that the hair is not dyed or colored or treated in any way, so it’s 100% natural hair. This type of extensions are of the highest quality, so before purchasing, consumers are advised to inquire whether or not the product is virgin hair. Anyway, even within the category of extensions made from virgin hair, there are several different types and if you want to make sure you are purchasing the best suitable product, then you should do a little research and learn about your options.

One of the most popular types of virgin hair extensions is the clip on type. These are the easiest to wear and to take down and every woman can handle that on her own, which means there is no need to pay for an appointment at the hair salon. In addition, because you can take them down every night if you want to, these extensions are a lot less maintenance than the other types. In order to wear clip on extensions, all you have to do is create U shaped tracks in your hair and place the clips along these tracks, allowing for the grips to capture your own hair. You can place as many wefts as you wish, both at the back of your head and on the sides, as to obtain the look you want. Another type of popular extensions is represented by the micro ring hair extensions, but these are a bit more difficult to attach and women generally resort to the services of a hair stylist to have them fixed. The same is valid for stick tip extensions, which are fixed with keratin and a special stick gun and which can not be taken off at the end of the day, but only when you don’t want to wear them anymore.


The tape in virgin hair extensions are also easy to wear and remove. The extensions grip to one another through bonding tape, which you can fix with the use of a hair straightener. Whatever type of extensions you decide it’s best for you, you need to make sure you are purchasing high quality hair, so it’s always wise to research not only the different types of products, but also the various providers. One thing you should always look for is suppliers that have a return or exchange policy or a money back guarantee, so that you can hold them liable in case you get a product you are not satisfied with or it quality is lower than what was advertised on the website.

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