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Although romance often means not worrying about where you are as long as you are together, quality time sometimes calls you to destinations that allow you to relax and enjoy the environment- and each other more than is possible in your daily lives.

Here are some areas which lend themselves to a romantic vacation:

Bay to Vintners:

San Francisco is regarded as one of the most romantic cities to spend time in. It pairs well with wine country inland that just keeps on topping itself when it comes to the quality of the wine produced and the number of vineyards and wineries that offer unique getaways. Many couples opt for flying into San Francisco and then spending a few days in the city before going out to wine country to relax and enjoy the countryside. The Bay Area is full of things to do and places to stay. Using an expert travel site that provides detailed information like San Francisco travel tips from Hipmunk can help you quickly find the most romantic places to stay and visit.

Sun Valley:

Best in Winter, Sun Valley, Idaho is one of the traditional ski vacation areas that allows you to ski back to your hotel from the mountain. The lodging available ranges from houses to hotel rooms and most accommodations are built with a lodge style fireplace in them for those romantic evenings. Because the area caters to a lot of celebrities, there are quite a few upscale restaurants and diversions to enjoy while you are there. During the Summer, the valley looks completely different and equestrian activities and hiking are the perfect complement to a romantic vacation.


It may surprise you that Orlando is rated so highly as a romantic getaway, but as a premier destination for those seeking fun at outdoor attractions, it actually is quite an experience when you go there as a couple. Disneyworld and many other theme parks have so many different options available that you can literally pick any theme that you want to celebrate your togetherness with. And as Orlando is just a short distance from Florida beaches, you can always arrange to find a place to stay for a few days of your overall vacation.


Although the islands in the Caribbean are closer, Tahiti has a completely different style and culture that makes any vacation to its islands one you will not forget. Marlon Brando traveled there to make a movie, fell in love and then ended up living on an island with his wife for many years. Diving into French Polynesian culture means that you end up with some of the best cuisine and wine while being able to enjoy sea and sand. If you venture inland, you will find a lot of historical sites with reminders of how a strong people was able to build a civilization that eventually stretched all the way to Hawaii.

Places to have a great romantic vacation are not always as easy to find as you might think. There is a large difference between venues that are used to handling singles and those that make things comfortable for couples. Using travel sites that go beyond the surface to give you in-depth information about your particular requirements can help you uncover other places that will offer you a similar experience.

This article was contributed by Fiona Moriarty of Hipmunk, the most comprehensive travel search website allowing you to find the best deals on anything from flights and hotels to train rides and Homeaway rentals.

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