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Nostalgic sitcoms paint a different picture when it comes to the role of the woman in the house, depicting them solely focused on doing housework. The reality of our modern times is that women spend less time than ever on housework, which is not necessarily a bad thing considering that homes are still clean, but they keep them so with a different approach. Considering the chaotic schedule women have at work and when they are at home, a change for the better was necessary as they don’t have as much free time as women in the 50s and 60s did.

Now versus the 60s

The estimate is that women in the 60s used to spend approximately 44 hours per week tending to housework – cleaning, cooking, and grocery shopping. The number has significantly dropped, these days women, on average, spending only 18 hours per week on these tasks. This is great news as it shows that women finally have more time to focus on other important aspects of their lives, like their jobs, their family, and of course, on themselves. As the mentality changed and the woman isn’t supposed to only sit in the kitchen and look pretty, it was obvious that a shift in time management regarding housework was to come.

What’s the difference?

The chores that need to be done around the house are the same, so the inevitable question arises – what is different now from back in the 50s and 60s? Well, the answer stands in the evolution of cleaning and cooking appliances mostly as these newer and more improved products we use in modern times cut chore time in half, to say the least. Not to say that the shift in mentality regarding who is supposed to do what around the house also helped lower stats as now men and children pitch in more than they used to.

Tech that helps keep the house clean with zero effort on your part

As opposed to old times when women could not rely on much to shorten the time they spent keeping the house clean, we now have a wide variety of appliances and devices which make our lives easier by helping with housework.

Let the robot do all the vacuuming

A household chore that women in the past used to do almost on a daily basis was vacuuming. While there is still the option of using a traditional-style vacuum to do this chore yourself, you can now appeal to a more effective manner to keep the carpets and floors clean without lifting a finger by employing the robot vacuum to tend to this job. There will be a huge difference in the time you spend cleaning if you opt for robotic vacuuming, so for women who have little free time on their hands, it’s the best solution to keep the house clean.

Washing machine and dryer combo

Before the appearance of the washing machine and the dryer, women lost a lot of time manually washing all the clothing items and setting them up to air dry. Of course, modern women spend less time on this part of the housework as almost all households now have a washing machine and a dryer, appliances which collaborate to deliver clean clothes in a matter of hours without having women slave over stains and trying to get rid of nasty odors.

Dishes are clean without you raising a finger with the dishwasher

Although the first dishwashing machine appeared back in 1850, it wasn’t until the 1970s that it became a common appliance in American residences. Even back then, the not so impressive efficiency of dishwashers made them a secondary choice for hardworking women who like everything clean. This is not the case these days, however, as improvements have been made to these machines, now most women relying on them to get rid of dirty dishes that inevitably pile up every day. The use of the machine for this chore not only helped save time on housework, but it keeps your nails and hands looking pretty as you no longer have to wash off dirt with harmful chemical-based cleaning products.

Take up automatic window cleaning

Not even window cleaning is what it used to be. Women who are very busy prefer to use automatic cleaners specialized in windows, cleaners that require you to only set them up and press a button. This is one of the more peculiar tech innovations modern women have come to enjoy as it does provide with a thorough cleaning, all without occupying any of their personal time. Less time spent on the windows means more time spent with your hubby, so everyone wins in the end.

Reality of modern times – Men pitch in too these days

As opposed to the 40s, 50s, 60s, or any other era in the past, modern women enjoy a quite surprising help from their husbands when it comes to doing housework. The old mentality that the woman’s place is in the kitchen has disappeared in most of modern society, a change that has led to a positive shift in the home dynamics of couples. These days, most men tend to household chores like vacuuming, doing the dishes, cleaning up after themselves, even cooking – some do it a lot better than their wives, too! While the truth is that housework gender gap still exists, it is quite vastly diminished as opposed to the older days. This is one of the main reasons why women now do less work than they used to around the house, in addition to the fact that tech revolution has helped shorten the time it takes for these chores to be dealt with.

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