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If you are a busy woman, like most modern women are, then you most certainly wonder yourself if there are some great strategies that will help you manage the boring task of decluttering your home in less than usually takes. From that messy garage to your laundry room, we have some tips and tricks that will help you make those look more orderly and tidy.

Storage units are your little helpers

Most certainly you wonder what can you do with all your belongings that no longer belong into your home, but you are still not prepared to throw away. The answer comes easily if you think that there are plenty of storage units where you can deposit those, increase the available space in your home, and keep the belongings you no longer use, safely inside a unit like this. This kind of facilities offer you what your garage can’t: a safe storage way, without cluttering your home. Also, you don’t have to necessarily store unwanted items from your home: you can seasonally store whatever you don’t find useful during that time of the year: the porch furniture for the cold, winter months, your extra puffy parkas during the hot, summer days. Storage unit seasonal rotation is a great strategy to declutter your home. Luckily, you can find the best storage unit for your needs by searching the dedicated directories out there. The filtering process is a simple one, for example you can type into the search bar “storage units Montreal” and the directory will provide you with plenty of options.

Make lists before everything else

We simply love making lists because these will provide you with a deeper insight into what you have to do. For instance, when decluttering your garage, start by assessing what things are to throw away, what things to keep in your garage, and what must be taken in the freshly-rented storage unit. This division will ease the entire process and cut it at a fourth of the time you would usually need to blindly sort through all your stuff. Make this your number one rule: a list before taking action.

Give away things you no longer need throughout the year

Want to avoid clutter from accumulating? Then specialists advise us to give away an item we no longer use each day throughout the year. Let it be an extra toolbox or a toy your child no longer uses. This will help you make the process of decluttering easier to manage when the time comes. This is a great strategy, because if we were to assess if we need all our stuff, we may come to the surprising conclusion that in fact, we don’t.

These are three simple strategies that will help you make the entire process of decluttering your home a child’s play. An amazing tip would be to also invest in some storage boxes. You can use plain, plastic ones for your garage, but the beautifully woven ones can also be used in your living room or bedrooms without any issue.

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