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Fashion is definitely a dynamic field, and taking into consideration that trends change at least twice a year, when designers present their new collections in the most important cities of the world, you may say that keeping up is pretty difficult. Year after year, fashion tendencies suffer various influences, and people all around the world adjust their wardrobe, in order to be up to date. Style is constantly evolving, and there are some relevant aspects which can be obviously noticed, such as the particular contribution of sporting items to fashion shows and street wear. Sportsmen and athletes have set a lot of trends which are still present in nowadays outfits, and designers seem to value their help a lot, since they do not cease to include them in their collections. Men and women all over the globe are keen on purchasing the latest clothing items, and innovation is extremely important as far as style inspiration is concerned.

One of the major influences is given by basketball players. The “Fab Five”, a group of five basketball players from Michigan University managed to bring an influence which is still extremely persistent. Besides the black shoes and socks, they also introduced baggy gym shorts, which until then used to be associated only with the hip hop trend. Even if the NBA is an exclusivist association, everyone is looking for a store where they can buy similar clothes. One of these is the NBA Shop UK, a place where you can purchase not only equipment, but also garments through which you can actually make a fashion statement. Another reputable character is Michael Jordan, who due to its sporting performance and personality managed to get involved also in the commercial field of fashion and advertising. His equipment became an icon not only for basketball players all over the world, but also for those who were interested in the latest fashion tendencies. The sneakers bearing his name have been long controversial, because they were not suitable for the court due to their bright colours, and they were even banned by the NBA, they had a huge popularity. While they could not be worn by professional players during the match, their various styles and versions and bright original colours made them a mandatory item in a sports inspired outfit.

In addition to these iconic personalities, basketball itself is an influence and has given fashion designers inspiration for ages, as same as baseball or American football. The traditional imprinted jersey is available in stores both for men and women, and while some buy this piece of clothing because they are fans of a certain team, others just want to bring a sporty air to their style and attires. Fashion bloggers all over the world show their daily outfits, including sporting elements, wearing them in what years ago seemed to be the weirdest combination: high heels and sweatpants, jerseys and statement necklaces or blazers and sweaters. If you are courageous enough, you can also try some uncommon matches, which will clearly prove that sporting clothes actually can be stylish.

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