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Physiotherapy is a very popular health care profession, as it is greatly effective for movement stimulation, sports injuries and improved mobility. Although this type of therapy is generally used by sportsmen and professional athletes, as they are most affected by musculo-skeletal issues, there are many other individuals who can greatly benefit from physiotherapy techniques. For instance, there is such a thing called neurological physiotherapy, which refers to a range of treatments and techniques performed on people who have been affected by disorders of the nervous system. These disorders have great impact on patients’ ability to move or exercise muscle functions, which is why numerous neurological physiotherapy Ottawa specialists have focused on designing treatment techniques that would help patients with the re-establishment and re-learning of movement patterns. There are several such treatments and also numerous clinics and centres that provide these services, so it’s important for individuals to thoroughly research the market before choosing one.

These specialist techniques designed and implemented by neurological physiotherapy Ottawa professionals cover a wide range of conditions and their suitability depends greatly on each disorder, but also on each person. As in every other type of physiotherapy, most of these treatments refer to specific exercises with the only difference that these practices focus more on patients learning to move again and to re-activate muscle groups. Not only that, but in many cases they need to learn to balance their bodies as well and there are specific balance exercises that therapists need to put in place. Other techniques include joint mobilisation and soft tissue mobilisation, as well as movement re-education, as already said, and even electrical stimulation. There is plenty of information available online on these techniques and practices, the specialised literature informing patients of the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment, as well as how much one can hope to achieve through a certain technique. It is essential that individuals access this info and get as much details as possible before starting treatment, but it is also very important that they discuss options and possibilities with experienced and skilled therapists, in order to get an accurate idea of the progress ahead.


Apart from a wide range of exercises and mobilisation or stimulation techniques, neurological physiotherapy Ottawa clinics will also offer acupuncture services. This side of the field is a little more particular, as not all physiotherapists are trained and qualified to provide do this and it is utterly important that individuals resort to certified medical acupuncture specialists. This technique can bring enormous benefits to the entire treatment chart, if it’s done right, emphasising the results and progression of all the other techniques and helping patients with a wide range of different issues. Due to the fact that neurological disorders have a great impact on the lifestyle of an individual, specialist techniques for this kind of therapy also include advice on lifestyle and on fatigue management, as well as stress management.

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