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Simple Crafting Ideas for Women

February - 7 - 2017

Do you think of yourself as being a talented, creative person? Do you want to make the best out of your free time? Then you have to read the rest of this article to learn some simple crafting ideas for women, ideas that will surely delight you as you will have new, unique decorations for you home. Best of all, due to the simplicity of these projects, it doesn’t matter how skilled you are because they can be done by anyone.

Make a cute felt leaf pillow for your partner

You can turn your bedroom into a fun and positive environment with the simple modification of the existing pillows on your bed. By crafting felt leaf pillows, you will surely spice up this room, making it a lot more pleasant and warm. For this project, you can proceed in two different ways. The first method requires you to use a top of the line die cutting machine such as the Brother ScanNCut CM100DM Built-In Scanner. According to the ratings of the die cut machine reviews we came across, this is one of the top products that allow you to easily cut the fabrics of your choice into perfect leaves of different shapes that you glue to the pillow with permanent fabric adhesive. In case you don’t have a die cutting machine, you can do this crafting project the old-fashioned way by collecting some freshly fallen leaves from the yard, and tracing their shapes onto felts. Simply cut out the leaves, and use fabric adhesive to attach the leaves to the pillow.

Turn branches into candleholders

Another fun and easy crafting project that you can take up is to turn branches into candleholders. This decoration goes perfectly if your home is designed in a rustic fashion, but it’s excellent combined with more modern decors as it creates an interesting change of design. What you need for this project is a saw, some tree logs, and a drill bit. You can either mark the center of the logs following the pattern of small candles like the ones shown in the picture above, or you can mark it following the pattern of long, thick candles. To secure the flat-cut log and to ensure that no unpleasant incidents will occur, you must use a vise. Also, don’t forget to sand the rough edges that remain after you drill the branches.

Make decorative paper flower bouquets

We end our article with a very pleasant crafting project that will actually save you money in the long run if you’re the type of person who likes to fill the house with flowers. Instead of decorating the rooms in your home with natural flowers, craft decorative paper flower bouquets that you place in empty vases. No money will be lost, and you will get to play with different colors. For this project, you must use a watercolor wash to paint blank pages, and let them dry. Once they have dried up, cut petal shapes from the paper, and crinkle them to make them pliable. Afterward, pinch the bottom of the cutout piece to make a curved shape and glue the petals together. When the glue is dry, roll back the edges to open the bloom, and insert florist’s wire into the bottom of the bloom to create the stem.

2 Responses to “Simple Crafting Ideas for Women”

  1. wilma says:

    Will a die cutting machine be able to cut through wood or will I need a saw-like tool?

    • Jenna Smith says:

      It seems that the Sizzix 657900 die cutting machine can cut wood and other hard materials, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Check the link in our article for more details about it and other great die cutting machines.