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No one likes to think that they could one day divorce the moment they are walking down the aisle and saying their wedding vows. Marriage is supposed to be for life and the two spouses should be on each other’s side for better or worse. However, all numbers point to the opposite: more and more couples choose to get a divorce and start their lives anew with a different partner. Whether it’s because divorce is more socially acceptable and easy to file or because people have other expectations from marriage, spouses no longer want to cling on to a formal relationship for children’s sake. What’s more, psychologists and couple counselors agree that spotting the early signs of an unhappy marriage and ending the relationship amiably is wiser for both spouses and children.

Constant fighting

Having an argument every now and then is normal and you shouldn’t be alarmed when you and your husband get into a fight. However, if you can’t seem to resolve these fights and you find yourselves arguing constantly on the same topics, you may have hit a rough spot. Most of the time, not being able to reach a conclusion happens because there is a gap in communication, which is why couple’s counselling is the first line of help. If that doesn’t work either, and arguments continue, maybe it’s time to consider the possibility of contacting a Las Vegas family law attorney.

You are abused

Some marital hardships are worth solving and it’s actually encouraged to try to work things out before you file for divorce. However, if your husband is physically or emotionally abusive, staying in a toxic marriage can completely wreck your health and self-esteem. As difficult as it might be to let go, put yourself first and don’t put up with abuse. There are many ways to get back on track after an abusive relationship and there is absolutely no reason to sacrifice your well-being for an abusive husband.

One of you wants to be with someone else

If you or your husband are no longer emotionally invested in your marriage and you have feelings for someone else, being honest about it and ending the relationship is fairer than having an affair behind the other’s back. As difficult as it may be to end a marriage that lasted for years, everyone has the right to be happy and forcing yourselves to be together will only make things worse.

Intimacy is no longer there

Being intimate with your partner is one of the requirements of a happy marriage. Contrary to what many people believe, physical attraction shouldn’t be gone after a couple of years or after having kids. If it is, you should try to talk about this openly and find out the reason why it happened, otherwise the two of you will grow farther and farther apart. In case talking doesn’t solve this problem and marriage doesn’t bring you the joy it once did, getting a divorce and looking for a different partner may be better for you.

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