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Women like to wear makeup for various reasons: some because this way they can hide their imperfections, some because makeup helps them increase their self-confidence level and some because they want to look flawless whenever they go to some special event. However, not every woman knows exactly what things to take into account when choosing the right foundation. One of the most important aspects when buying ASAP skincare products is to know exactly what skin tone category you have. Here is a small guide to help you determine your skin tone.

Know the difference between skin tone and undertone

It is important to know the difference between the skin tone and undertone first. The skin’s undertone is that neutral, cool or warm hue visible through the surface color of the skin, which is the skin’s tone. Even though the latter one may change due to sun exposure or various skin conditions such as acne or rosacea, the undertone remains the same. It is important to know whether your undertone is neutral, cool or warm in order to make sure you select the right makeup products.

Warm undertone

People who tan quite easily and do not burn have warm undertone. Their skin’s natural melanin level, which is the pigment that gives skin that specific color, is higher in this type of persons and they usually have yellow-to-olive undertone. The warm undertone is usually met in the case of African-Americans as well as those people that have Indian descent.

Cool undertone

Bluish-red, pink or cooler undertone is usually met in people who burn the very moment they are exposed for longer periods to direct sunlight, tan minimally or do not tan at all. Unlike the ones with warm undertone previously mentioned, these people have a lower level of melanin. To see whether you have cool skin undertone or not, look for some telltale signs such as signs of redness, or whether your skin tends to flush quite easily or not. It is worth mentioning that some neutral skin tones might be included in this category too, especially if those people have rosacea.

Olive skin tone

People with olive skin tones usually have ashen or grey color of the skin, due to the combination of that natural yellow skin undertone that every person has and the greenish hue that is unique to the olive skin. It is true that for this type of people neutral tones might work best, but it is recommended to try warm tones as well, especially if they fall somewhere in between the tones.

Neutral skin tone

People who have neutral tones are the luckiest. They do not have any overtones of sallow, pink or olive that are too obvious. They tend to find the right foundation, concealer or any other makeup product easier. Experts agree that these people can actually wear more than just one shade of foundation lineup.

The “shortcut” test

The easiest method to determine your skin tone is to look at the color of the veins inside of the wrist. If the veins are blue or purple, you have a cool tone. Those with warm tone have their veins green, whereas those with neutral tone have difficulty discerning the blue or green.

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