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For ages, women all around the world have been looking for garments and accessories to enhance their looks. If years ago, there were certain rules and standards regarding what women should wear, nowadays the changing trends allow them to wear almost everything they want. A day to day outfit can simply be transformed into a classy one, only by adding the right accessories. The lines are getting blurrier with each season, when designers present their collections and launch the new tendencies. However, fashion is definitely a circular domain, because trends constantly reappear. For instance, this fall, during the fashion weeks of New York and London, most designers have put out amazing outfits whose statement piece was the “pussy-bow blouse”, so it seems that it no longer belongs only to the Thatcher era. After taking a look on the new collections, it seems that bows and ribbons have known one of the strongest comebacks on the runways as well as on the streets.

How did ribbons appear in fashion?

Ribbons have always been known as a sign of femininity and wealth, from the most ancient times. Hundreds of years ago, women wore them not only to embellish their outfits, but also to express their status in the society. Ribbons managed to become famous during the Victorian era, when they were styles in multiple ways: they were added to hats, dresses and also jewellery. Later on, when feminine looks became more masculine, the fabric suffered a decline, but that was not for good. As a merger between these two different eras, nowadays women often wear ribbons to replace the masculine element of their outfits – the bowtie.


How to team a bow blouse?

In spite of the multiple misconceptions according to which the bow blouse belonged to the past decades, designers have managed to bring it back to public attention. Although though their delicacy and softness ribbons are associated with femininity, wearing them around the neck may lead you to an idea of masculinity, but “the pussy-bow blouse” is not masculine at all. This means that you can wear it without creating a Tom-boy look. Whether you choose a wavy bow to fall down on your chest, or you match the blouse with a pencil skirt (this is how it appears on the runways most of the times), the results will be amazingly elegant and feminine. Forget about stereotypes and convince yourself that you can create a bohemian, ladylike look wearing an improvised “bow tie”.


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