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Most girls, at some point in their lives, have gone through the ribbon hair bow phase. Wearing hair bows was a beauty decision largely influenced by the little girl staring in the movie Matilda, the little girl who could move objects with the power of her mind. We can all recall how precious Matilda looked wearing that satin piece in her head. Fortunately, ribbon hair bows are coming back in style. To tell the truth, celebrities have never really stopped adorning their long locks with streamers. No matter if you are an adolescent or a grown woman, you can totally pull off this look. There is no age limit to wearing accessories of this kind and all you need is hair bow grosgrain ribbon. However, we are in 2017, and you cannot wear hair bows in just any way. Here are some fashionable ideas for you.

Messy side braid + bow

The boho side braid is unquestionably one of the easiest coiffures. However, your locks will look plain if you do not add a finishing touch, and by finishing touch we mean a ribbon hair bow. Even though your curls will show on the other side, it is still a good idea to tie them with a wide band of material. Your coiffure will look thicker, and similar to an elastic band, the braid will not unravel. On the contrary, you can spread the braid out a little bit.

Hold your bangs together with a ribbon hair bow

Maybe you have planned to commit to bangs, but as you can see, they require a lot of care. If you do not cut your hair on time, the locks will inevitable grow to the point of covering your eyes. A good way to grow out your bangs is to hold them together with a decorative hair piece made of ribbon. To achieve the look, you have to hold your bangs, twist them together, and hold them in place with the stylish accessory.

Use the ribbon bow for a headband

A headband is not only a style for kids. This accessory can be worn by women of all ages, pretty much like the ribbon hair bow. If you combine the two, the effect will be even more spectacular. Get an elastic athletic headband, slip it on your head and make a turning at which end you prefer. This will give you a fresh new look. What is certain is that you will not look boring.

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