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You might probably have noticed that more and more women wear chokers these days. It is a trend that sends back to the 90s. Chokers come in different fabrics, sizes and models, but if you are looking for a unique model, then you should opt for ones made from ribbon. They look beautiful in whatever colours you might choose, and they are simple to craft even at home. Actually, if it would be to buy them from an online store, you would have to pay a lot for one, but if you buy rosette ribbons you can make them at home, and style them with different accessories, or wear them simple. For a classy look, you should opt for black chokers. Here are some tips on how you can wear your favourite ribbon chokers.

They could be used as layering pieces

One of the latest trends in clothing is layering, so if you are a big fan of it, you can use chokers to add your outfits a unique look. You might have the misconception that you can wear chokers only if you wear a low-neck top, but the fact is that you can wear these accessorises even if you wear a turtleneck blouse. You should choose a choker made from a wide ribbon, and style it with a bold accessory, as a metal form.

Chokers could be paired with other necklaces

Who said that if you wear a choker you could not wear your favourite necklace anymore? Chokers are accessories that wrap your neck, but if you like long necklaces you can pair them with a ribbon choker. You will obtain a Boehm look, so you should totally try it almost once.

Chokers and denim

Denim was always in trend, and if you are a fan of denim pieces, then you can pair them with chokers. You can wear a simple T-shirt, with a denim jacket and accessorise them with a black simple ribbon choker.

Girlie dresses are perfect with chokers

Many people have the impression that chokers could be worn only if you prefer masculine looks. The fact is that you can wear a ribbon choker with dresses, because it will help you create a unique look. In case you consider that the black ribbon choker is too masculine for your preferences, you can try one in a bold colour as blue or burgundy. You can play with the widths of the ribbon, according to the type of dress you are wearing.

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