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When it comes to beauty and style, you know that besides wearing fashionable clothes and having a glowing skin, your hair is definitely a great asset. This means that besides taking care of your complexion, maintaining the longevity of your hair should also be a priority. Regardless what type of hair you have, there are a lot of things you can do to keep it in good shape. While some women prefer homemade remedies, others are customary clients of beauty salons. The key to success is reaching a balance and using some simple yet efficient tips and tricks. Here are some of them:

Visit a professional salon regularly

A lot of people go to the salon only when they want to have a haircut or need a sophisticated coiffure for a special event. Believe it or not, your hair requires more care than you can provide it at home, so make sure you make an appointment at least once a month.  Find a professional hairdressing salon Weybridge         and visit it regularly, because this will make your hair look amazing. Nothing can compare to the quality products used by the hair dresser and as much as you try, you will never be able to obtain the same results at home. In addition to this, the time you spend in the salon is quality time you spend for yourself: you get pampered, looked prettier and also feel better!

Try to wash your hair differently

While washing their hair, a lot of women are using a traditional shampoo and conditioner, sometimes the same for years in a row. If you are one of those, then maybe it is time for you to try something new. Do not be afraid to experience, because new products appear each day and you are likely to discover something that will benefit your hair even more. Sometimes, all you have to do is apply more shampoo and use more water. This way, you prepare your hair for conditioner, a product mandatory during every wash. In order to spread the conditioner on the entire length, experts recommend you to brush the hair with a special paddle, from the root to the tip. This will detangle the hair and prevent damage.

Maintain your hair colour

Whether you have natural hair or you have already dyed it, maintaining its colour is something extremely important. The first step towards a vivid hue is choosing the best products on the market. There are special shampoos and conditioners aimed to fix the pigments and make the hair shinier, so these are the ones you need to purchase. After this, you have to develop a healthy routine, including the right habits for hair protection and long lasting colour. Try to avid sun exposure as much as possible, use special anti-UV radiation solutions and natural hydrating oils. In addition to this, remember to stay cool: wash the hair with cool water and avoid using a hair dryer.

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