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Preparing to be a mom? A responsible and careful one, of course. Women are always talking about this very moment, and wonder how they should prepare for it. Among other important things you have to change or prepare your life for the big event, is your home environment. The home always has a big impact on your child growing and developing, both physically and mentally.
Here are some suggestions that can be very helpful for the baby`s arrival.

Secure stairs and windows

If you live in a house, or even an apartment, you can prevent your kid from falling down the stairs. Install gates at the top and bottom of the stairs, so the little one can’t be injured in case they crawl near them. Place the baby`s crib as far from the windows as you can and install window guards and window stops which prevent them from opening.

Make sure the air indoors is fresh and clean

Lately, everybody seems to complain more and more about allergies and asthma attacks, which are more common these days than they were in the past. Babies should never be exposed to allergens that can trigger apnea so it’s essential to do everything you can to prevent allergens from developing in your house. You have to assure your home from any kind of pollution or allergens that can exist. If it`s necessary, buy an air purifier, to get this job done faster and easier. An air purifier, depending on its size, can clean all the air in your house through a particle remover, so it can be both effective and also look stylish. Choose an air cleaner that keeps the humidity level at the minimum and also eliminates pollutants like gases, glues, paint, tobacco smoke, dust mites, pollen, or any other toxins. They are practical, simple to use, efficient and not expensive.

No toxic or poisonous products

Be careful how you use toxic products at home. Lock up all your cleaning furniture products, cosmetics or medication. From the moment they start to crawl, is well-known that babies can swallow anything. Even touching the floor, carpet or furniture in the house can be a risk for your baby`s health. Lock all the bottles or recipients and make sure that after using this kind of products, your kid can`t get to touch those areas that had been recently cleaned or treated.

Decorating the baby`s room

After birthing, all the things you want to have in your baby`s room have to be organized, and easy to handle. Sure, you want everything to be cute and beautifully decorated, but the most important it`s to be safe. Try not to crowd the room with a lot of toys and other stuff before the baby`s born, because you might reconsider that after. Start with the basic things, the crib, the changing dresser, a rocking chair and maybe a little cabinet where you can put diapers or any stuff that might come handy in the future.

Preparing your room

Of course, your room has to remain your private and romantic place for you and your husband, but you will spend a lot of time with the baby, in your room. Be very careful what stuff you keep in there, put away sharp objects or that might sting. Keep your bedroom as safe and clean as it can be, for the baby’s health but also for yours. If you get in contact with any bacteria, this for sure will influence your baby`s health too. Always keep a good hygiene in your room, to maintain your family`s health and prevent disease.

Baby monitors

You want to be sure that your little one is safe, but you can`t always watch them closely. You want to see and hear them to be sure he is they are alright. Lately, the modern technology brought us a lot of gadgets we can use to make easy any activity we have at home or at work. So, it`s a good idea to buy a baby monitor, mostly for the first days of his life. You will be alerted in a second if anything happens with your child.

Fire alert

You never can be too cautious. You always have to stay alert, especially after becoming a mother. After a long day at work, home is the place where you want to feel safe and relaxed. As a wife and mother, you also spend a lot of time in the kitchen. In order to manage this, you might consider buying a fire alarm for your kitchen but also smoking smoke alarms in all the other rooms too.
You should also keep in your house a fire extinguisher, and check them it regularly. Read how to use the extinguisher and be sure you do it well.

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