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New season, new makeup trends

November - 3 - 2011

Autumn is here, so why not to be with it as it does? The new makeup trends have been released on the catwalks. The latest looks for eyes, lips and cheeks are now all over the Internet! This year the eyebrows are the ones which have got the special attention all over the planet. Being powerful filled in order to have a flawless shape and appearance, the eyebrows are the ones which best defines a woman’s eyes. Also, the retro looks are back in the line, so designers have made their way to create all sorts of makeup as in those years. The natural lashes with just a single layer of mascara are nowadays on the catwalks, which mean designers have opted for a more natural look as they did in the last years. However a women who wants to look natural should know that make up only highlights the beauty while a healthy lifestyle defines it. On that matter, you should always try to be interested in fitness tips for women as well as in tips for a healthy diet.

The blushes are back in the top, as they say. This autumn the cheeks are filled with sort of blushes such as pink, peach or taupe and instead of using powder, the makeup artists opted for a cream moisturizer which will provide a more natural look. Even if to this point the makeup designers wanted to make a natural appearance, they opted for colored lips, which will receive all the attention. From caramel colors to bright red, you can use whatever lipstick you wish because the last part of the face is left with neutral colors and shapes. In order to obtain the best skin aspect it is advised that you put some effort into your skin care as make up can only help you until a certain point. You should also use some fitness tips for women which will help you sweat the body toxins that are often cause your skin to break out.

For eye shadow, you can use form a variety of colors- even if the style imposed is neutral, the neutral colors are various. It should not be a problem in choosing one, because neutral colors fit any person. Also, if you have thin lips you can make them look filler, with a simple trick of contouring your lips higher from the natural line. It is a trick used by most of the women who does not afford to pay for chirurgical interventions or simply they do not want to; but as we said, this autumn is all about being and behave naturally. The single colored part of the face which should be are the lips, which should attract all the attention and also the cheeks, which with the blusher applied there would be not a single thought of a makeup effect in this cold season. Opt for the colors that best suits your lips and cheeks and go in the big world!

An important fall fashion tip which you need to remember is to create an overall effect. That means that if you really want to commit to a fashion look, you should integrate the fall colors in your nail polish drawer as well as in your accessory wardrobe. A trend which seems to be making a serious comeback is the sophisticated acrylic nail designs. The great thing about this type of nails is that they give you more room to try out complicated designs. So if you really want to rock a fashion look why not try some rusty acrylic nail designs.

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