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Mothers and daughters need to bond and to have a strong connection. It is important to be able to talk to your child about anything and to be certain that whenever a problem might appear, you son or daughter will come to you first and no one else. A connection of this kind is built in time. To help you in your mission of being a good parent, here is an idea of a mother-daughter project you could try now that the holidays are approaching. Why not take up the home decorating mission together? Locate a provider ready to offer you a wide Christmas ribbon collection and purchase as many items as you need. Once you have the necessary materials, you need to dive in the project. Here are a few tips that might help you fulfil the mission successfully.

Let your daughter express herself

One of the goals you are most likely aiming to fulfil by means of this project is to encourage your daughter to be creative and to use her imagination as much as possible. Therefore, instead of putting her to follow a set of rules on how Christmas decorations ought to look like, you could let her come up with a few ideas. Encourage her, no matter how the decorations actually look.


Guide her way through decorating rules

Children don’t know a thing about decorations, but somehow they manage to create some of the most beautiful, original items you could possibly think of. Probably the combination between a lot of passion and parental guidance is the secret behind their creative skills. Your role in bonding projects of this kind is to offer your daughter choices, but let her make the decisions. Since you are the one offering alternatives, you are also the one holding control upon the overall result. So, mix your knowledge with your daughter’s creativity.


Having fun while creating

The truth is no connection can be built unless you and your daughter start having fun together. These projects are meant to be fun. When making the Christmas decorations, you need to laugh and make jokes and savour every moment of it, because it is a special project. You will look back upon this moment with joy. The secret to all successful family bonding moments is having fun. Keep this rule in mind.


These pieces of advices are merely to offer you a glimpse of how to handle a mother-daughter moment. However, they are general, as you never really know before hand what is waiting for in an hour spent with your daughter. You could have the time of your life or experience a real drama.


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