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Thanks to the modern day DIY frenzy and an increasingly larger number of websites, blogs and social media platforms where anyone can display his or her creations, there is no wonder that the market for handmade jewelry is in a continuous expansion. Moreover, there seems to be an equally fast growing trend of wearing unique or original pieces as adornments. Long gone are the days when all women wore the same necklace or had similar earrings, only different by color. Nowadays, the myriad of shapes and sizes, textures and patterns, materials and fabrics is so great that even jewelry designers are carried away towards an ultimate level of creativity. And with such a variety of items and possibilities, wouldn’t it be a shame for you to wear the same old accessories that you have been putting on for years? Wouldn’t it be better, in exchange, to have something new and completely stunning to show off at your next bug event or night out? Here is a solution which can cover the needs of both budget oriented shoppers and luxury avid fashion fans: affordable organza ribbons! The richness of the organza fabric, coupled with the sense of style and eternal femininity of this precious material, make it ideal for the accessory world.

There is nothing quite like wearing an original accessory and by original we mean unique, bespoke and one of a kind, not just designer made. As a matter of fact, many modern day top designers are pricing their creations far beyond what the average person can afford to purchase so why not take the short way around and make a couple of necklaces on your own? Stunning jewelry pieces can be made easily and rather fast with the help of organza ribbons which are now sold at affordable prices. You can find them on the dedicated websites of their manufacturers and, depending on how professional the provider you find is, you can even have them custom printed or personalized. All you need next is a couple of beads and a thread and you’re good to go.


There are plenty of insightful tutorials explaining the different processes and ways to make jewels but the most important thing is that you get the right materials. The quality of the fabrics and the sophistication level of the final piece are closely linked together in the sense that one cannot be total without the other, so never settle for store bought organza of poor density and little shine. To ensure that your collar is amazing looking, order the fabric for the base of the jewel from a reputable provider, advisably located online so that you avoid using the same type of ribbon as someone else in your surrounding area. By following these easy steps and putting your creativity to the test, you can achieve great things, design impeccable neck pieces and amaze everyone you meet. The times when buying everything are gone and we are now stepping into the age of homemade designs and personal, unique crafting.

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