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Look like a star on your Big Day

December - 28 - 2015

When you plan your wedding you envision how your dress will look, what shoes you want, how to decorate the reception, and where you want to have your ceremony, but you forget about your makeup. Many brides, are too overwhelmed with the entire process of having an amazing weeding, and forget that they should look like a Hollywood star. You should consider your makeup look in advance, and talk with a professional Ottawa wedding makeup artist to plan it adequately. There are some things, you have to keep in mind when selecting the type of bridal makeup.

How choosing bridal makeup

You should look for several pictures with starts that wear makeup to show your makeup artist, but you might find difficult to select only a few from the multitude of available pictures. The first step is to choose photos with a star that has the same skin type as you have. So if you have fair skin, you should choose pictures with makeup that feature light shades, like nudes, pastels and peaches. If you have olive-colored skin, you are a lucky woman, because you can wear any type of makeup, so you have plenty of options. If you have dark skin, choose pictures with a star that has the same skin tone, and that wears makeup in bright berry colours. A factor that must influence the makeup is your dress, because you have to choose one that blends with the its look. In this situation, you can inspire from the Oscars or Golden Globes, where stars wear elegant dresses that might look alike your wedding dress.

Talk with a professional

You might select pictures with stars on the red carpet, but you have to consider that your face construction might differ from Beyoncé’s. Also, you might love a certain look from the red carpet, but you should keep in mind, that that is not a bridal look, so you should pick a few photos from celebs weddings and talk with a professional makeup artist. Show him some photos, and book a trial, to see how you will look in your big day. You might customise a certain look according to your face’s features, and even mix two looks. Do not forget that you should choose a makeup that represents your personality, because you do not want to look at pictures of your wedding day, and not to recognise yourself.

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