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Latest Abaya trends for 2017

March - 6 - 2017


If you are a Muslim woman, then you know that it is your religious responsibility to wear an abaya. Abaya is seen as an essential cover to a woman body in Islamic religion. But this does not mean that women cannot be stylish when wearing it. Abayas are a great fashion statement these days, and if you are looking for new models, which will impress everyone around you, then you should buy Abayas online. Designers have decided to make a fashion statement from these clothing items, and they have enriched the design of these plain black robes, to make women feel unique when wearing them. Now Abayas come in different models, and they feature pearls, sparkling crystal beads, embroidery and satin flowers.

What designers promote for 2017

When it comes to Abayas, designers are always in search for new features to make their collections unique. They collaborate with experienced tailors from different countries to make sure that professionals stitch their clothes. They use different patterns, mixed with traditional themes, and upgraded with colourful combinations. 2017 is all about heavy lace work. When analysing the new collections of Abayas, you will notice that the neckline and front area are made with heavy lace, and for sleeves is used stylish embroidery. Also, they did not neglect the hijab, because without it the Abaya will look incomplete. Designers promote the usage of brooches for hijabs, instead of pins this year.

Abayas for special events

If you have to get ready for a special occasion, then you should take a look at the Abayas special made for weddings and other special occasions. This year is all about shinny fabrics and this is why you should pay attention to the stitching of the dress, because it is an element that will make your Abayas unique. Abayas are black in colour, but designers have introduced novelties on it. The majority of Abayas, designed for special occasions are more expensive than a formal gown. The shaila used to cover your head has to come in a matching model. But if you are looking for a fancy look, then you should choose a model which makes a statement.

Special features

2017 is about special features when it comes to Abayas. For example, some of them feature a French cut, which means that they fit the body and become wider at their bottom. In addition, a high trend now if the butterfly model. If you are looking for a special sparkle, then you can purchase one that features single or multi-coloured Swarovski crystal beads.

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