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For ages, women all around the world have struggled to get rid of unwanted hair on their body. While waxing and shaving are the most common methods used, they are far from being painless and their results do not last long enough. For this reason, it seems that a newer method, laser hair removal, has become more and more popular in the past years. The evolution of technology has led to performing techniques, which is why you need to keep in mind that this method is more than a simple cosmetic procedure. There are plenty of clinics all around the world offering this beauty services, but you will need to choose a reliable clinic, such as igbeauty.com, if you decide to try laser hair removal. To make sure everything goes smoothly, here are some things you need to know before making an appointment with a specialized clinic.

Laser hair removal is pure science

The fact that it is mostly painless and its results last way more than those provided by any other method, laser hair removal is not magic – actually it is pure science. Although millions of people from all over the globe use the technique to get rid of unwanted hair, few of them really know who the treatment works. While the special device approaches the skin, the laser light is transformed into heat that penetrated the superior layer of the skin, reaching the hairs’ roots. Once this happens, the resulting heat is absorbed by the dark pigment in the hair follicle, damaging the melanin and thus preventing growth. Inhibition is possible because the beam of light affects the roots, not only the surface of the skin. Another interesting fact related to laser removal is that the device used can be adjusted depending on your skin type and the type of hair it needs to eliminate.


You need to prepare before the procedure

Taking into consideration that laser hair removal is more than a cosmetic procedure, you need to make sure you stay away from side effects. For this reason, you will have to prepare with some time in advance, before you actually start the treatment. It is very important to avoid sun at least four weeks prior to your first session, because direct exposure can create sunburns and affects the skin. Tan is also not recommended, because the laser light applied on a tanned skin may eliminate pigmentation and you are likely to end up having some unaesthetic stains on certain parts of the body. In addition to this, you should also avoid sun exposure in the days following the procedure, to prevent rashes or irritation. Another thing you need to do to prepare for laser treatment is to allow hair to grow – try to avoid waxing or other methods that may affect the roots, because these have to be as thick as possible for the best results. You can, however, shave – it is actually recommended, since it strengthens the root and thus laser hair removal becomes more efficient.

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