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Do you know what netball is? People state that it is a sport similar to baseball, but if you want to start playing it, you should know that there are some differences between these two games. The first one is that in a netball team, there are seven players, and you will not be allowed to dribble the ball. You will have to pass it to other players by throwing it. The basket and the ball are similar to the ones used for baseball, but there will be no backboard. Even if there are some game differences, you as a woman can have multiple benefits if you try social netball London. Below you will find a list of the benefits people have when they play netball, so make sure to check them if you are not convinced if this is the right sport for you.

You will run a lot

When you will play netball, you will have to run around the pitch, change the direction quickly and even sprint on short distances. Therefore, you will develop running skills in time, that will improve your fitness, provide you a great cardiovascular workout and will improve your agility and strength. The standard netball court features 50 feet wide and 100 feet long, so you can image that you will run a lot. And as the game will progress you will have to cover a significant distance by running around the court. If you are a player in the centre position, then you will have to cover the most of the court.

It is a flexible game

If you are looking for a sport that does not require too many things from your side, then you should try this one. All you need is to meet with your friends and to hire a netball pitch as the one from Netbusters. Also, make sure that you practice regularly, because this is the only way to improve your game. You will need some individual skills if you want to win the game, you need to be a good runner, to be able to defend and attack the goal and to mark your opponents. You will not need specific clothing, but you may want to use team uniforms. You should bring some athletic clothing and sports shoes, in case you play in an unofficial game.

It will improve your hand-to-eye-coordination

When you play netball, you will have to pass the ball to the members of your team, so you will have to try different throwing techniques. Each one of them develops and requires a good hand-eye coordination, because you have to catch and throw the ball accurately if you want your team to win. If you make a high pass, then you will be able to send the ball over your opponents’ heads and one of your team members will have to catch it, so make sure you throw it into their position. And in case the ball is thrown into your direction, then you will have to make sure that you catch it.

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