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Many people stop using their hot tubs during the cold season in order to save more energy and costs. However, if the hot tub is not winterized properly, you might need to consider some extra costs the moment you start using it in the summer. There are some strict rules that people have to follow in order to maintain their hot tubs in good conditions. In case you want to find more information about companies that install hot tubs in Markham or want some professional advice, all you have to do is some quick research on the Internet. Below are some useful tips for draining your hot tub for winter.

Getting started

The first step in winterizing the hot tub is to turn off water supply and control valves and open all jets in order to start draining the hot tub. You can either use a garden hose or a submersible pump in this situation. Afterwards, you need to shut off its heater and cut the power. You can even disconnect box in order to be sure.

Drain the hot tub

The next step involves taking out the cabinet panel, which it is usually located in front of the equipment compartment. In order to drain water faster you need to open the spigot and leave it this way. In case there is any water remaining (and in most cases, it is), you can use a wet vacuum to clear the tub. You need to let the water to drain out the moment all drain plugs are removed from your water pumps.

Air blower on

The next step is to turn on the circuit breaker and the air blowers. This will help the hot tub eliminate any remaining water from pipes and air channels. As far as other fittings are concerned, you can use wet vacuum or a sponge to remove water. Moreover, it is important to use a cotton towel and to wipe both the interior and the exterior of your hot tub. You should only cover the hot tub the moment you are sure it is completely dried.

Secure the tub

The hot tub will not be used for several weeks, so make sure you secure it properly and cover it. Dirt or any insects can cause damage to your tub, so proper covering is mandatory in this case. A trap might be a good solution, especially if you tie it down. This way you make sure it does not move for a longer period. It is worth mentioning that most manufacturers put at their clients disposal hot tub winterizing services, so in case the tub is still in the warranty period you can contact them and ask for professional help.


Check again in order to make sure everything is properly secured and closed. You do not want any trouble the moment you open your hot tub again in spring, so verifying everything in detail is necessary. It is important to remember that you need to clean and disinfect your hot tub again the moment you start reusing it after such a long period.

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