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No matter what, the brides are always the stars of every wedding. Not only they must look amazing, they also have to make the others feel comfortable and keep the atmosphere joyful. Since childhood, all the girls have a dress they dream about, and they strongly believe that it will be “the one” for the big event: they all want to feel like a princess and will most probably think about a heart shape décolletage and a huge train. But when it comes to actually trying on and choosing a dress, the things get complicated: either the model does not highlight your silhouette, you must modify certain details or nothing seems to meet your expectations. There are also non-conformist brides, who make uncommon choices, such as various colors (other than white) or different shapes of their dress. Regardless what you choose for the big event, the outfit should represent your personality and help you be comfortable in your skin, instead of rigid and embarrassed. The high neck, for example, is an uncommon choice, but more and more brides opt for it, since it builds an elegant look, and it does not require a lot of additional accessorizing. However, if you go for this daring option, make sure you inform yourself and find out how you can wear this model in an appropriate way.

This style is refined and allows you to show some skin, while also maintaining a conservative non-opulent appearance and highlighting your collarbone. Whether you choose a laced material for the part above your décolletage, or an opaque texture, this type of dress will not allow you to wear anything around your neck, which is why in terms of accessories, you have to compensate with an appropriate hairstyle and special jewelry. Loose hair (straight or wavy) can rarely be matched with this neckline, because it will fill too much space in the upper part of your attire, which is why you could try a ponytail, messy bun or updo – the tight hair will highlight your face and makeup, already outlined by the neck line. In terms of jewelry, if you consider the upper side will not look too cluttered, you can try some huge chandelier earrings, but if this is just too much for you, focus on your hands: combine small earrings with some bridal jewelry bracelets. These will compensate the bare shoulders, and create a delicate look for your arms.

While the front part of your dress is already filled, the model is very permissive as far as the back part is concerned and you can chose and adventurous design: you can either go for a low back cut, a laced area, or even a sparkling pattern, matching the rest of the accessories, which will surprise everyone and maintain the sophisticated aspect. This is an interesting method to be in the spotlight and amaze your guests: everyone is expecting to see an impressive dress, but while the front part is simple, the back will make everyone turn their heads around.

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