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Summer is the perfect time for light clothes, shorts, sandals, sunglasses and bronzed skin, but this does not come without strings attached. The season is always associated with high temperatures and sun, but while you enjoy the warm weather, your hair and your skin may have a hard time. The hair gets drier and so does the skin, not to mention how dangerous the sun is: it accelerates the aging process and also increases the probability of skin cancer. Direct exposure to sun has always been considered harmful for you, even if apparently it gives your skin a natural glow. However, if you want to stay healthy during summer, you should take some preventative measures that will help you protect the skin from weather conditions. Here are some simple tips you can implement in order to stay healthy and fresh:

Visit a professional salon

The services of a skincare Toronto salon are exactly what you need. Your skin will be intensely hydrated with the most professional solutions on the market; it will gain its elasticity and flexibility and will be ready to face the weather conditions. In addition to this, the experts who work here will be friendly and willing to share some of their knowledge, so that you can enjoy the results of the skin care treatments long after you leave the salon. Visiting such a place at least once a month is extremely important, especially during summer, when the skin suffers serious damage due to external factors.


Avoid direct sun exposure

This is the golden rule that everyone should know. Although you love how your skin looks when it gets a darker shade, make sure you do not choose the looks over the health. The sun emits harmful rays, which is why you should avoid it as much as possible. In case you really want to get tanned, remember to avoid the critical hours (11am-16pm) and use a lot of sun screen. Choose one with a high factor of protection (more than 15 SPF), apply a generous layer all over and remember to repeat the procedure if you enter the water or sweat abundantly, because water removes the solution. If your skin is sensitive or you have ever suffered from any condition, then the best thing you can do is replace natural tanning with artificial on, which is UV free. You can choose a tanning cream, a spray or any other solution, because there are plenty of alternatives available on the market.


Eat clean and hydrate more than usual

You often hear the quote “you are what you eat”, and this will be seen on your skin, especially during summer. The wisest thing to do is create a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, because these have plenty of vitamins, and also drink a lot of water. Besides providing your body all the resources it needs, certain foods (such as carrots, peaches or tomatoes) also accelerate the natural tanning process, so make sure your diet consists in plenty of these.

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