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Now that summer is here, the first thing you should take care of is looking neat and fresh. Even if everybody is waiting for the warm season, few people are aware of the fact that sunlight, high temperatures and humidity are likely to harm their skin and hair. Since you will definitely spend more time outside, experts from salons in Ottawa strongly advise you to pay a little more attention to your care routine. If you want to prevent your hair from becoming dry and damaged, then you will have to introduce some new habits and add extra products on your shopping list. Fortunately, you will be able to find plenty of suggestions and tips on dedicated magazines, online forums and web based pages, so try to implement at least few of them, in order to maintain your hair healthy and shiny.

Hydrate your hair every time you consider necessary

As same as your skin, the hair needs extra care in summertime. Although your hair is generally oily, the heat and light exposure will make it become dry, even if you are not aware of this. For this reason, you should choose an adequate conditioner and a mild hydrating product that you have to apply on the tips at least twice a week, generally after washing it. Apply the delicate lotion then let the hair dry naturally, because the blow-dryer’s heat will only make things worse. In addition to this, make sure you drink at least two liters of liquids daily and include more vitamins in your diet.


Rinse the hair after you get out of the pool or sea

You may think that this is a useless process that will only make your hair look drier, but it is not actually true. Taking into consideration that sea water consists in a lot of salt, allowing it to dry on your hair will cause serious damages to its color and texture.  The same goes for pool water. You may wonder why, since it is not salty, and the answer is simple – in order to be easier to maintain and safer for their clients, pool owners add a series of agents in the water (such as chlorine concentrates). These contribute to intensive drying of the skin and hair, so make sure you remove them by rinsing under a clean shower.


Use gentle accessories

Taking into consideration that the hair is already vulnerable because of the temperatures and sun, make sure you do not cause it additional damage. Rough accessories (pins, clamps or scrunchies with metal closures) will add pressure to the hairs, forcing their roots, so you should replace these with gentler accessories, such as ribbon. You can also style your outfits with hats, headbands and turbans, which will protect the hair form ardent rays.

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