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How to plan a wedding

February - 20 - 2014

Planning a wedding is a challenging mission especially if you are the bride and you are the one who takes care of everything. Some women afford the luxury of hiring a wedding planner while other have friends and family members who can help around with the planning process. However, in most cases, it is the bride who takes care of everything with a little help from the groom. Today we are going to give you a few tips in order to teach you how to plan a wedding without going crazy.

  • Wedding checklist

The first thing that you need to do is make a small wedding checklist containing the main matters that you have to take care of such as hiring a ceremony officiant, reserving a restaurant for the reception, planning the bride’s and groom’s outfits and booking the honeymoon. The initial list doesn’t have to be very detailed but it should have a time frame for each element of the list. For example, booking a restaurant for the wedding reception is a matter which must be taken care of a year before the actual wedding. The plane tickets and the hotel room for the honey moon should also be booked a couple of months in advance, if you want to find affordable deals.

  • Delegate

Brides are usually complaining about the fact that they have no one to help them with the wedding process. However, in reality, as much as they would want some help, they don’t trust anyone with the planning process. Still. If you want your wedding to be enjoyable, you need to learn how to delegate. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy the actual wedding because you will be to stressed or exhausted due to the planning process. In order to delegate, you must creak down your small wedding checklist categories into several subcategories and charge some of your friends or family members with a few planning matters. Make sure you are concise with your desires and if anything goes wrong, keep your cool and avoid bridezila situations. We know that when you plan a wedding, even the smallest details seem to carry an utmost importance but that is far from being true. Remember that the wedding is a celebration of love therefore the only thing that truly matters if for you and your future husband to be at peace and ready to commit to each other.

  • Relax

Last but not least, in order to learn how to plan a wedding, you must also include some relaxation periods in your wedding checklist. For example, after completing an important task, take a day off and book a day at the spa with your bridesmaids. Relaxation is very important when planning a wedding. If you ignore this tip and you overwhelm yourself with too much work, you will become so stressed out that the whole planning process will turn into a nightmare instead of being an enjoyable affair. After all, you dream your whole life about planning a wedding so when this time actually comes, you should enjoy every step of the way.

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