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Even if there are a lot of myths regarding the theme, there is no proven method about how to make your hair grow faster and longer in no time. There are people whose genes enable a fast rate of growth, but also people who encounter many problems about it.

The regular rate of growth for head hair is about 6 inches per year. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do in order to make your hair look as if it was growing faster.

Below you can find useful tips about how to make your hair grow faster and longer, so don`t hesitate to use them.

  • Keep it in good conditions

One basic rule if you want to make your hair grow faster is to keep it in good condition all the time. Visit your stylist or hairdresser regularly and have it trimmed. Once you`ve removed split ends, your hair will look better and often longer.

  • Use natural oils, don`t use chemicals

Natural oils such as the coconut oil are a blessing for your hair. On the other hand, chemicals weaken your hair and slow down growth. The conclusion: instead of chemicals, use natural products.

  • Brush it properly

When you want to make hair grow faster and healthier, use only quality hair brushes. Tilt your hair forwards and brush it from the roots, because this way natural hair oil stimulate your scalp.

  • Have a healthy lifestyle

For better hair, drink enough water, eat well and have an equilibrating diet When you are healthy, your hair looks great, but illness weakens the vitamin supply of the body therefore your hair will also suffer. Stress is also a cause of hair problems, along with insufficient sleep. Having unhealthy habits such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol or drugs makes your hair look lifeless, so try to avoid them.

  • Take vitamins for hair growth

Taking multivitamins is also a good option to make hair grow faster, so start taking them.

  • Don`t wash your hair every day

Yes, you`ve read right – don`t wash your hair on a daily basis. The reason is because you also wash its natural oils.

  • Try head massage

Indian head massage also stimulates growth, so massage it while washing it.

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