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Having your own style does not mean only matching clothes in your own way, but also using neat accessories for each of your attires. It is a general knowledge that less is more, so whenever you are trying to complete an outfit with various adornments, try to keep it simple and stay on the same track. In case you do not want to spend a lot of money on buying accessories, you should know that some of them can be easily made from materials or fabrics that you already have around the house. For instance, ribbon makes an amazing accessory for your hair or your clothes, and there are so many cheap printed ribbons options on the market, that you will be amazed of how easy you can change your whole look with this affordable fabric.

Remember that fashion is all about innovation and creation, so just think about all the possibilities you have and take advantage of them. Start looking for inspiration on specialized magazines or online platforms, and put into practice everything you see – once you start doing it yourself, you will see that there is nothing less complicated. If you have a sewing machine, you can create countless designs out of ribbons. If you are interested in buying a sewing machine, websites such as SewingMachines.reviews will help you find out which model is best for your needs. Soon enough you will have incredible ribbon accessories.

For instance, you can use ribbon as a hair accessory in so many ways! To begin with, it is well known that scrunchies, elastic or metal hair accessories are harmful for your hair, because they deteriorate the hairs and weaken the root, making the hair fall faster, so you could just replace these with ribbon. All you will have to do is purchase a narrow piece of fabric and tie your hair with it, with no further ado. It does not have harsh edges, it does not pull the hair down, and besides this, it will also look incredibly delicate and fashionable. You can use the material as a simple head band (these look very chic and have always been a feminine detail), as a hair clip or as a bun accessory. They will all bring a feminine touch to your outfit and are extremely easy to craft, involving a minimal effort from your part. You have plenty of textures, materials and prints on the market, so make your own supplies and use them to create the most innovative adornments.


Another manner in which you can use the ribbon as an additional element of your look is as a belt. It has never been easier to highlight your silhouette: whatever you are wearing, a belt around your waist will define your body perfectly. You can make a belt from any piece of narrow material, especially ribbon, and tie it with a pretty bow that will make your look seem refined and sophisticated. This is the perfect solution to change the appearance of an old simple dress: play with colours and textures and let your imagination fly and you will obtain the most unexpected results. Ribbon is a permissive fabric, so do not hesitate to use it however you want: as a headband, belt, hair clip or romantic bows. With a suitable sewing machine and some ribbons in your hands, there is nothing that you cannot obtain.


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