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Everybody knows how beneficial a sauna bath can be for their health and how relaxing and soothing is a sauna session after a tiresome day. However, the benefits of the sauna can be extended if you know how to schedule your sauna sessions and what to do in order to get the best of it. Here are some clever tips in intensifying the benefits of a sauna bath.

Exercise before entering the sauna room

Many people choose to enter the sauna after they have exercised in the gym because the sauna helps relax their muscles and relieves muscle sore. Therefore, if you experience muscle pain due to intense workouts, you can use the sauna to feel better. The high temperature inside the sauna increases the blood flow and helps you fight joints pain and muscles soreness.

Drink plenty of water

Considering the high temperatures created inside the sauna room, you can understand why you must hydrate your body very well before starting a sauna session. You should drink at least two glasses of water prior to entering the sauna so your body will have enough strength to resist during the session. It’s also good to drink water while sitting in the sauna in order to allow your body to sweat and eliminate even more toxins.

Choose the right temperature

The temperature you create inside the sauna is very important in achieving the most beneficial sauna session. Studies show that it’s best to heat the sauna to a temperature between 176 and 194 degrees Fahrenheit. This way, you will feel comfortable inside the sauna, you will not overwhelm your body with too much heat, and you will benefit from all the good effects of the sauna.

Alternate the changes of temperature

In order to intensify the benefits of a sauna bath, you must know how long the session must be. It’s best that you enter the sauna for a 20-minute session so your body will get used to the heat, then leave the sauna and allow your body to cool down. Then, use the sauna for another 20 minutes in order to accelerate your blood flow and to improve the heart rate.

Opt for chromotherapy

Many of the modern infrared saunas you can use nowadays include a chromotherapy lights system that increases the benefits of the infrared light already used inside the sauna. These lights promote a better health by improving the functioning of various organs in your body. The effects of using a sauna enhanced with a chromotherapy system are visible both on the inside and on the outside, as you will look younger and healthier.

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