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It is almost a universal truth that when a man gets into a relationship he starts dressing better. Very few men dress fashionably before they meet their significant other. Until he met you, your partner probably used to wear baggy cargo pants, football shows and Teva sandals. This is a true fashion disaster, we know. But you will notice that quickly all these clothing items will be replaced by shirts and fitted jeans. From the oldest times the girlfriends and wives are the ones who do the fitting when it comes to a man’s outfit. Therefore it is your role to keep your husband stylish. You can blame the hippie movements for men’s inability to dress fashionable, because until the 1960’s men cared for their outfits. If you think that your husband’s wardrobe needs a quick improvement, then you should help him focus to the right direction.

Fit is important

If you buy your husband a fitted merino shirt and a pair of jeans he will definitely look more fashionable than he would look if he would wear a tailored suit all day long. Men have the misconception that well-dressed is a term associated with the clothes they are wearing, but they do not understand that the way they wear a certain item is what it defines their look. If he does not want to change his wardrobe, you should give him the example of David Beckham. He rocks a simple merino shirt and a pair of jeans and he looks better than many of the men who try to accomplish complex looks.

Make sure his clothes match his personality and not yours

This is something quite common, when a woman tries to buy clothes for her husband she purchases items that fit her personality and style and not his. He is not a mannequin so if you do not know what he would like, you should take him shopping. Start with simple items, that would fit any man and that would look amazing no matter the style of the person. For example Hardvark Merino Clothing is a line of clothes every man would feel comfortable wearing. He has his own personality and you have fashion sense, so it is recommended to bring them together and help him build a new wardrobe. The secret is to reflect his personality into his outfits. The purpose is to have by your side a man who is wearing the clothes, and not one who is letting the clothes wear him.

The shoes are important

Somehow men do not know what shoes to pair to certain outfits. Only take a look to the footwear horrors from the subway every morning and you will understand what we are talking about. Help him focus his attention to classic pairs of shoes. If he wears casual clothes then you should purchase a few pairs of Converse or Adidas Stan Smiths shoes. If he likes to dress up then he should wear Chelsea boots and Italian Oxfords. It does not matter what he chooses to wear, it is important the outfit transformation not to stop at his ankles.

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