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How to Deal with a Bad Break-up

August - 14 - 2013

As we go through life, most of us experience a bad break-up at least once. When this happens, you feel like the last person on the planet, like nothing good will ever happen to you again, and your faith in people and relationships is shattered. Going through this type of loss is especially difficult if the relationship was long-lasting and the two of you shared a lot together. It is hard to find yourself, to remember who you were when you were one and not two, so life can seem a little confusing and unfair in the beginning. However, you must remember that life is good as well, with all its hardships, and that is why we mustn’t give up.

In what follows we are going to take a look at a few things everyone can do in order to cope with a bad break-up and move on to a new stage in their lives. Remember your self-worth, remember that you have your own interests and life, and every end is a new beginning.

  • Accept and Expand – You have to start by accepting that you are no longer in a relationship, but single; as hard as this may be, you need to go through this step in order to move on. It’s perfectly normal to remember all the good times you had and mourn this loss, but soon you have to get up on your feet and accept this as a valuable experience. Most people start analyzing what happened, trying to find a reason, to see whether going back, there were signs of a rupture. Just avoid putting the blame where it doesn’t belong, and avoid becoming bitter in the process.
  • Find new hope – It may be too soon to start dating again, but you do have to work on trusting people again. Although you were hurt, you shouldn’t try to avoid any relationships just to be on the safe side; life was made to be lived with people, and alone you rob yourself of some of the most beautiful experiences. Some people find it useful to read cute relationship quotes. You might think this is futile or silly, especially since you just went through a break-up, but dwelling on the bad and hurtful stuff will just poison your feelings. So, by reading cute relationship quotes, you remember that there are a lot of good things about being in love.
  • Write down your thoughts – Sometimes writing in a diary can be cathartic, and it can help us trace down a direction for our lives. While you shouldn’t meditate too much on your last conversation, and other bad conversations before it, trying to remember things as objectively as possible may reveal new things that will help you reach an understanding, or at least some peace with yourself. Like we were saying earlier, you should also avoid blaming anyone for the break-up, including yourself. In fact, you should try as much as possible to lift your spirits, and regain your confidence.

Break-ups are difficult for everyone, but most of us manage to get over them in time; the easiest way to do this is to stop thinking of you in rapport with relationships and couples, but as an individual. You have always been an individual, with individual interests and occupations, with his/her own friends and hobbies. Find new comfort in the things you’ve always loved, organize your life and bond closer with your friends. Happiness may not last forever, but neither does sorrow.

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