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How Stress Affects Women Health

August - 21 - 2013

Well, when it comes to stress many things can be said and if you want to know how stress affects women health, stick close and read our article. If you are among the women that lead very stressful lives, you should know that this fact can cause you serious health problems in time, which is why you should prevent certain stressors from affecting your life, or at least find a few convenient ways to relieve stress in your leisure time. We can all agree to the fact that these days, stress can affect different women in different ways. For instance, there are women who have just given birth to a child and experience hard times, when accommodating themselves to the new context or change in their lives. Actually, many new moms don’t know precisely how to deal with their newly born babies, which is why they come to experience stress. Simple things like wrapping the baby or giving the baby a bath could turn into difficult things to do for first time moms. Moreover, if we add that they’re losing sleep through the night, we can say that from here there’s only a step to depression and anxiety.

Other women, who want to pursue a certain career, end up having a busy work schedule and even work extra hours, in order to fulfill their work tasks and they also experience stress; not to mention that they delay starting a family and having a baby, which can bring them sorrowful thoughts. However, you should know that, no matter the nature of the stressor, stress severely affects women health.

Basically, stress can lead to infertility in women, cardiovascular disease, strokes and heart attacks, diabetes, mental disorders, kidney failure, insomnia and many other health problems. Many women dealing with stress on a regular basis come to have abnormal menstruation, which can refer to lack of periods, menstrual irregularities or excessive bleeding during menstruation. You should know that absent periods, which are also referred to as amenorrhea, are the principal cause leading to infertility in women, which represents a serious condition that makes the dream of getting pregnant impossible to many women. Stomach pain, ulcers and obesity also are effects of stress, mostly due to the fact that stress can cause people either to eat too much or skip meals. Among other women health disorders, we can mention the fact that some women smoke a lot of cigarette and drink more cups of coffee than usual, when stressed, which is why they come to develop lung cancer. Basically, stress can make you vulnerable to a wide variety of afflictions and disease; even something common like strep throat can be caused by stress. Of course finding treatment for strep throat is very easy, but the problem can become recurrent if there are no changes in your lifestyle. Therefore, the best treatment for strep throat and other afflictions that you suffer from is eliminating the stress from your life.

If you are committed to living a healthy life, you must expand your interests beyond daily exercise and healthy food. It is important to determine the causes of stress in your life and then eliminate them. There are also a lot of simple solutions for managing stress. For example, if you can afford it, regular massage sessions or other spa treatments can be very helpful in helping one manage stress. A cheaper alternative is getting a dog, preferably a small, low maintenance breed. All small dog breeds are easier to care for than large dogs and they are a lot more affectionate than cats. Several studies have showed that people who own dogs are a lot less stressed. For starters, owning a dog will force you to take a daily walk which will allow you to put your worries behind you. Furthermore, dogs are goofy and can bring a smile on your face even in the worst of times. If you live in a small home, you should consider a small breed. All small dog breeds are suitable for apartment life and they are quite low maintenance.

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