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The way you look reflects on the way you feel, but sometimes, the way you feel is induced by your own attitude and look.  This perception has created an obsession by your own image reflected by fashion and beauty style. One of the great significance is the hairstyle.  It represents a feature that women can’t cross over. The hairstyle trends are changing every season and there is no exception for the cold season too. If you are looking for hair inspiration, you have plenty to choose from in styling ideas as well as in blond, brunette or red hair color ideas. Nevertheless, don’t forget to invest in some hair products and treatments as well, because over-styling can lead to irreparable hair follicle damage.

Here are the most popular hairstyles of 2011:
Straight hair remains on top. It seems it is not out of style, not for this season. For having a hair stretched to perfection, you could use a special hair serum, but don’t forget that your hair will become oily sooner than you think.

You can also have loose curls with the hair plate, but you need to have a little wavy hair. If you don’t know how to keep it from a day to another, you can make your hair bun. The next day, the hair will look perfect the same.

Pompadour fringe is one of the most popular hairstyles of the cold season.  You can find it on the catwalk or in some fashion tutorials.  If you want to break the classical patterns, you can adopt this style. For other more eccentric styles you should keep a close eye on Rihanna as she she is known for her styling creativity as well as very powerful red hair color ideas. This type of pompadour, as well as many other retro-inspired hairstyles are very popular for the cold season, especially those that involve braids and weaves, because they look lovely with big, fluffy scarves or hats. You can find many more examples like that on a vintage fashion blog, meaning a blog that features pictures or tutorials for styling these unique and attractive hairstyles. Vintage fashion has become more and more recurrent in our day to day trends, and women love to incorporate various elements into their appearance; so find your own vintage fashion blog and get the inspiration you need to transform yourself.

Pony tail appears year after year and it is still on the podium. It reminds us of childish, schoolboy’s hairstyles.  You can style the hair using this easy and great look.

Women who have medium or long hair can make their hair look elegant.  You don’t have to forget about the simple and messy hair bun.  The grunge look is also in the hairstyles top of 2011. It has to be mentioned that hair bun is the preferred option for a lot of celebrities.  It is definitely the secure choice for the catwalk events. The hair weaving in the tail is another widespread style.  If you want your look to be retro, use a bold make-up.

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