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In the last years, more and more women have resorted to the services of professional beauty clinics in order to have semi-permanent makeup. Women want to look beautiful from the moment they wake up until they go back to bed in the evening. However, some of them simply do not have time in the morning to put their makeup on and go to work. They are always in a hurry and cannot find time for this. In case you are one of those women too, you should consider semi-permanent makeup. Websites such as bluebellaestheticswirral.co.uk might help you get a clearer idea upon this matter. You can read below the most frequently asked questions regarding semi-permanent makeup.

Is it painful?

This is the first question that pops up in women’s mind the moment they hear about semi-permanent makeup. Truth is nearly all women who underwent this procedure claimed that they did not feel any pain and some of them even felt asleep during the process. Professional beauty clinics use numbing creams that are meant to make the process as comfortable as possible for the client.

How long does the semi-permanent makeup last?

In case you decide to do the semi-permanent makeup on your brows, you should be aware of certain factors. First, it depends on the person how long the makeup lasts, because there are various factors that influence this aspect and some examples are the skin type, diet, the medications that person takes, sun exposure, products used on the face and many more others. Generally, the makeup can remain visible on the skin somewhere between one to five years, and it gradually fades over time.

How much time will the appointment take?

It is important to know that before the first session you should not have something else planned for at least two hours, because this is how long the session is going to take. The procedure is more complex than it seems, since it includes phases such as numbing, consulting the patient, colour testing, drawing on the eyebrows and finally the tattoo procedure. It is highly recommended to attend the second session too after four or five weeks. The second session is necessary for filling in the gaps that have remained from the first session.

How do I know I am suitable for this?

As it was previously mentioned, before the first session you will undergo a thorough consultation form. In case you suffer from any medical issue or ailment, you should discuss this with the expert and get confirmation that there is no problem in having semi-permanent makeup.

Can pregnant women have semi-permanent makeup?

It is important to know that pregnant women are unable to have this kind of makeup, and this also counts for the ones that are breastfeeding. What is more, in case you find that you become pregnant after the first session, unfortunately you cannot attend the second session and complete the procedure.

As you can see, these are the most frequently asked questions people ask the moment they hear about semi-permanent makeup.

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